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Article: Kaws heads to Australia for new exhibition

Kaws prend la direction de l'Australie pour sa nouvelle exposition

Kaws heads to Australia for new exhibition

The projects are linked but are not alike for Kaws whose year 2019 is very busy, to the delight of fans. If we have recently seen a Companion sculpture 40 meters long at the foot of Mount Fuji and a BFF in a strange position at the Dali Art Plaza, it's in Australia that Kaws now poses his suitcase. And it's at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne that things are happening !

Companionship in the Age of Loneliness is the name of this exhibition, which seems to be full of nostalgia. The nostalgia for a world where the values ​​of companionship, mutual aid and kindness were of our daily lives. A delicate theme showed in the watermark in this exhibition which from an aesthetic point of view is nothing depressing. The clever play between the bottom and the form, such is the letmotiv in Kaws' work. Under their appearance of more pop characters than concerned by the world's problems, Companion and BFF are likely to surprise one with Companionship in the Age of Loneliness. Mixing sculptures, paintings, graphic elements and collaborations with other artists, this new exhibition promises to be a must.

Cherry on the cake ? You can admire a bronze sculpture, the largest ever made by Kaws but for that you have to fly to National Gallery of Victoria in Australia between September 20, 2019 and April 13, 2020.

Credits : Kaws/ National Gallery of Victoria 

Source : National Gallery of Victoria 

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