Kidrobot collaborates with the Museum for the 150 years of the museum

Figurine publishers, like Kidrobot, did not wait for the current trend for democratize art. Thanks to the bold format of the figurine, they give to see paintings, prints and even sculptures with a different look, also addressed to those who are less used to hang out in museums. That's why we are hardly surprised to see them collaborate with MUSEUM MUSEUM,. Through a collection brought by DunnyKidrobot's flagship character, The Met Museum reinvents shedding on the unavoidable of its walls.

With 3 Dunny 8 "and 3 Dunny 3", Kidrobot X Met Museum highlights the work of Vincent Van Gogh with the table Iris, that of Louis Comfort Tiffany - Master of glass Art Deco - and his Magnolias and Irises or the famous The big wave of Katsushika Hokusai. Major canvases and works that come in 3D, to be discovered in an unprecedented way. And what about 3 "3" models that complement the collection? You will find a representation of a Greek decorative vase, a traditional Chinese panel but also the very mythical painting Composition of Piet Mondrian Who completes the Kidrobot X Anniversary Collection Museum. Something tells us that your collection is about to expand ...

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