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Tulip by Tado While Kidrobot focuses this month on the next releases that will take place during the SDCC (a dunny Tokidoki, an exclusive project of Joe Ledbetter, The same applies to Kozik, as well as the release of a figurine of Paul Pope, only genuine surprise and source of excitement for the moment), they nevertheless swing the info for the releases of the month of August by submitting the Tado. As you can see, two vinyl projects for the English couple with this character quite sturdy Tulipand a mini-series entitled Cannibal FunFair. Very faithful to their universe, no real surprises here, amateurs will be filled. Cannibal FunFair by Tado If you have the courage, here is the rest of the summer outings in the kid Robot: El Chupacabra El Chupacabra Rank of good intention, that of declaring the mysterious beast of Latin America in Toy. The animal blood sucker relates to a good glass of hemoglobin but his opulent body proves us that, the sculptor totally lacks imagination, either ... the artist himself. Thank you for the effort Sara Antoinette Martin. Labbit Version 75 A new Labbit, new accessories. Funny glasses and mustaches with Groucho Marx, a language, a cigar, a bubble. I thought this pack already existed but obviously no. A secure value completely devoid of originality and novelty. Will be suitable for people who do not take risks. The Simpsons KR X The Simpsons Collaboration = The decline of the American Empire. Is it me or I feel like it's modeling paste that was used to sculptures? I will refrain from any extra comment, but go there you please.

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