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Article: The Masked Karimbah by Paul Pope


The Masked Karimbah by Paul Pope

The Masked Karimbah by Paul Pope Las of the eternal devices and adaptations of their standard characters, Kidrobot outputs follow each other and look alike. But it is clear that their connections are solid and that when they try to navigate against current we can see interesting projects, especially on the side of comics designers a little alternative. After taking out figurines JUNKO MIZUNO and Jamie Hewlettis now the comic book author Paul Pope which includes several projects with the American firm. The fruit of their first collaboration is this strange Karimbah masked that will be put on sale in a few days, during the 2008 SDCC. Who is Paul Pope, and what does this vinyl look like? Response : The Masked Karimbah by Paul Pope Paul Pope, Milf more, is a big killer. No fussy, no alambquee phrases or metaphorical formulas. No, just a quick and simple finding. On the other hand of many of his compatriots, the influences and style of Paul are not sclerotic in the middle of a thick fringe of superheroes in slobard and cried colors with grilled effects in the first boxes. The GUS is pretty prolix and open to everything, not a coincidence if he interested at the beginning of his Japanese publishers' career. His bibliography looks like a big mercy where the series are jostled Batman: year 100, 4 famous volumes at DC COMICS in 2006, and Major Novel Graphic as Heavy Liquid and 100% Out of Dargaud in French (and at Vertigo in the USA) a long time ago. It's fun too through Pulphope In Art-Book mode and gets loose with Thb A Sci-Fi series taking place in the future on Mars and featuring a girl and his superbed bodyguard called Thb precisely. The Masked Karimbah by Paul Pope It is precisely this series that is derived from this masked karimbah that proves to be the very first figurine of Paul Pope Ever. Not banal in the land of derivatives. So yes, the project is disconcerting, people already vomit nothing to see the mix of characters (it is sure it's not obvious to aprequency a masked type without nose with a sheep skin whose sheepskin 'Weapon is a fork, while riding a kind of big pink dog gay with a bell around the neck), but it's good, and at least it's not an umpteenth vinyl slut without any background. Respect the managerial authority. And will read his books this summer. Interview with Paul Pope on ARTE-TV Paul Pope's blog

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