The last coarse figurine is wooden!

We know that the duo behind Coarse toys Full inventiveness and does not spoil his pleasure trying to try the difficult exercise of a figurine that would not be plastic, as when they had made wax sculptures revealing bronze figurines once melted. This time it's wood that Coarse decided to work for PAW, their last figurine. Creating a new bestiary; The duet has imagined a hybrid animal between what looks like a rabbit (cuckoo the big ears) and a muscular gorilla. Truly imposing, while it measures only 35.5 cm, Paw is made from American walnut which is reminiscent of the woods they have already used previously.

Dark and deep, however, this wood has clearer shades creating quasi natural rhythm and volumes. Besides, it does not stop there because this animal seems to jump, taking support on A base made him in Bronze. Miming a puddle, whose liquid springs in contact with the fists of PAW, it reveals a very beautiful contrast between the wood and the metal, putting one more time forward the finesse of coarse work. Of course, things had to be complicated a little ... for the moment only 5 pieces are available at a price still unknown; The only way to know if it's always available is to contactCoarse toys directly, via their site or Instagram. Good luck !

Credits: Coarse Toys

Source: Coarse Toys Instagram

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