Pop culture loses face with Yao and Devil Toys

If you do not know Taiwanese artist YaoWe strongly advise you. In his paintings he deconstructs the figures of pop culture with a raw style but a technique full of finesse. Literally disappearing his subjects, Yao did notify Megaman, Kfc, Mario, Donald Duck or Mickey.

Interested in Yao's subversive paintings, Devil Toys decided to transform one in Figurine in resin 22 cm. The subject ? The most famous mice: Mickey. In some sort of erasure of an omnipresent figure and a business that is equally so, Yao denatures the appearance but not the bottom. Maybe that's why we are quite recognizing each Mickey attribute.

THE BEAUTY OF VANISHING yao and devil toys is Edited to 99 copies with a certified autograph and will be available tomorrow on the site ofDevil Toys at the price of $230.

Credits: Yao / Devil Toys

Source: Devil Toys / The Toy Chronicle

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