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Article: The Cartoons

Les Cartoons

The Cartoons

Originally, the cartoons are adaptations of comics or caricatures from newspapers. In the United States, these are called Animated Cartoons Ortoons,term also designating the characters. They develop on the big screen from the end of the 20s and are intended for the general public, with protagonists who are almost always anthropomorphic animals With big eyes: Mickey is a mouse and bugs a rabbit.
With an often simple drawing style and allowing great freedom, the animator's job evolves at high speed and everyone has its role in the loop. While some draw the main poses of the characters (model leaf), others make intermediate movements, inking, colorization ... This organization makes it possible to produce a large number of episodes in a short period of time, facing An increasingly harsh competition!

In 1927, with The jazz singer, the sound bursts into the films that were so far silent. The big studios then see new possibilities there, with the interaction between image and sound. We discovered in 1930 that Walt Disney embarked on this segment, with its Silly Symphonies Who are episodes of animated musical. On the side of Warner, we find the Merrie Melodies one year later.
In the 1930s, competition was increasingly intense in the cartoons. In addition to Warner, Disney is now faced with Fleischer brothers which are at the origin of Popeye. Among the animators present in major studios, we find: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (Mgm), Tex Avery (Warner then MGM), Chuck Jones (Warner) ... In Canada, animation becomes independent with the creation of the National Film Office in Canada in 1939 and the creation of a real animation sector in 1942 .
During the Second World War, the cartoon is a form ofpropaganda widely used by the United States. Donald Duck play in Führer's face (Jack Kinney, 1943) where he parodies a citizen of Nazi Germany. American history is increasingly involved in the adventures of toons, giving him a political and committed sense.

Initially mute, the Toons are the worthy heirs of the burlesque which has as great figure Charlie Chaplin. The latter find themselves in spite of themselves in perilous situations, with limitless acrobatics and falls. In parallel on the comic side, they offer a lesson to the spectators at the end of the episode.


Another feature, they often operate in Duo of friends or enemies. With infinite duels and races, BIP BIP and Coyote, Tom and Jerry or Titi and Grosminet are among those unforgettable pairs of characters.


Félix Le Cat is then the most popular cartoons heroes before Mickey's birth, with a first appearance in 1919 In the silent short film Feline Follies. Created by Otto Messmer and Pat Sullivan, he acquired in 1920 a renown that competed with that of Charlie Chaplin in his character of Charlot at the same time

 Almost ten years later, it’s Mickey Mouse’s turn to appear. Spectators discovered it on November 18, 1928 in Steamboat Willie, one of the first sound cartoons. The character is also famous for his false voice. It was Walt Disney himself who gave his original voice to the character of Mickey, from the first cartoon until 1946.


This iconic character of course has an important place in our hearts, he therefore receives many adaptations which are available at ARTOYZSuper 7 Then put it in the spotlight, with a super figurine taken from a creation of 1938.

Disney Supersize - Mickey Mouse

At the house of Beast Kingdom, we find a superb collection that celebrates the 90th anniversary of our dear friend.

Minni Egg - Mickey 90

Minnie is not forgotten, with pretty bearbrick Available in format 400% + 100% And 1000%

400% + 100% Minnie Mouse


1000% Minnie Mouse

 Without forgetting the signed products Leblon Delienne Or Daniel Arsham, all available in the Mickey Mouse section.

Mickey Mouse

Year 1937 mark the release ofSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the appearance of Flip the frog (from UB IWERKS). Between 1930 and 1933, Flip was entitled to 38 episodes distributed by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

 The 1930s also saw the birth of the famous band of Looney Tunes which is a musical variation of Silly Symphonies Disney by Warner. As early as 1929, the series was created around the adventures of Buddy And he remained for two years as the main character of Warner.

Buddy was hardly just a white version of Bosko And the films were not very different. The latter is considered the precursor Looney Tunes.

The team is quickly enriched by new characters : Porky Pig (Fritz Freleng, 1935), Daffy Duck (Tex Avery, 1937), Elmer Fudd (Chuck Jones, 1940), Marvin Le Martien (Chuck Jones, 1948), Bip Bip & Vil Coyote (Chuck Jones, 1949), Speedy Gonzales The little Mexican mouse in Sombrero (Robert McKimson, 1953) and Taz the Devil of Tasmania (Robert McKimson, 1954).

Titi Le Canari was born in 1942 and was quickly joined by Sylvestre Le Cat, known as "Grosminet", in 1945. His favorite prey received his adaptation bearbrick, in a version faithful to the original!

400% + 100% bearbrick Titi 



1000% bearbrick Titi

In parallel, Droopy and Ralph the wolf and Sam The dog have their own adventures. In 1940, Tex Avery made Bugs Bunny a real star in A hunter knowing how to hunt, after his appearance in Porky and the smart rabbit (1938). He quickly became the representative of toons And the face of the Warner.

The Looney Tunes band is also found in Space Jam, American animated film released in 1996.The film mixes animated images of Warner icons and real humans like Michael Jordan. In the first part, we find them in a match ofBasketball opposing them to Martians.

These are back in 2021, to Space Jam: A New Legacy. We discover LeBron and his son Dom, selected prisoners in a digital space by malicious artificial intelligence. The basketball player must bring back his boy healthy and except at his home, making Bugs, Lola Bunny and their comrades Looney Tunes triumph against digital champions of artificial intelligence: a team of NBA and WNBA stars swollen .

 ForThe opportunity, Medicom Toy prepared us A complete series of bearbrick ! From bugs to Marvin, via Taz, no one escapes it.

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400% + 100% Taz


Without forgetting Bugs Bunny and her girlfriend Lola !


400% + 100% Bugs Bunny


400% + 100% Lola Bunny

To find all the characters of Space Jam:

Space Jam

For its part, the studio Hanna-Barbera Productions shows great inventiveness. Since 1940, under the pencil strokes of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom & Jerry have seen the day ! Inspired by the Slapstick comedy, the world famous series has no less than 80 seasons, representing the two protagonists in ever more eccentric situations.

Flagship characters at Medicom Toy, we find them in the UDF series and in format bearbrick.

UDF Tom & Jerry: Tom 

UDF Tom & Jerry Pressed



1000% Tom (Flocky)

To find the whole universe of Tom & Jerry:

Tom & Jerry 

WithThe Pierrafeu family (1960), success does notDo not stop there. We travel to Caillouville, where the men of the caves are at the cutting edge of technology. At Artoyz, we find the famous Dino, unusual animal of our dear family!


400% + 100% The Flintstones Dino


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XXRAY Plus: Dino

 On the side of the cartoon The madman crazy (1968), we discover frantic races between eleven participants with the headliners Diabolo andSatanas!

400% + 100% Muttley


1000% Muttley

Created in 1969, the team of Mystery Inc. also marked the spirits!

Now let's talk about Pink Panther de Friz Freeleng, a character who was born in 1963 in the generics of the film of Blake EdwardsThe pink Panther.In history, the "pink panther" is the name of a jewel, the object of the investigation of the Parisian inspector Jacques Clouseau: the credits of the film, however, stages it in the form of a pink feline in drawing animated.

The success is such that the producers of Mirisch Company and Depatie-Freeleng decide to make her the main character of a series of short films. The first film featuring full -fledged the character is Through rose-colored glasses, released in 1965.

With over 300 episodes To her credit, the panther is a real star of the big screen which is often mixed in incredible situations. Proof of its success, it even obtains several adaptations at Medicom Toy !

400% + 100% the pink panther (chrome)


1000% the pink panther (chrome)



1000% the pink panther

From now on, some of the major cartoons studios no longer exist and others have turned to the feature film. However, there are some television channels which wanted to keep this heritage, including the famous Cartoon Network. Series like Dexter's laboratory, The Super Girls Or Adventure Time retain a similar scheme and an offbeat tone that has been able to prove itself over the years. In France, we have Oggy and the Cockroaches which takes up the legendary toons

This article is coming to an end, we hope that our selection will please you and that you will find your happiness there.

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