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Article: D-Day> 13 & 14 June @ The Plaine St Denis


D-Day> 13 & 14 June @ The Plaine St Denis

In memory of the "Ol 'Good Days" of graffiti, here is a jam that looks exceptional, nothing less. Look at the list of participants and Broke in the meantime ...D-day" A plateau that brings together the legends of the European graffiti scene which rocked the 80s ... and influenced the whole European graffiti scene since the last twenty years. A two-day performance, with DJs to recreate the atmosphere of the mythical Stalingrad land with among other things Fashion 2, Bando, Jay, Skki, Colt, Jon 1, Delta, Shoe, RDF1, Banga, DJ Dee Nasty. Honestly we can hardly do better. It may be anthology. All Stars Game Baby.

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