Wordpress tells me, swells me, get me, breaks the menu, insured me, taps me on the system. It's a great content management system ah yes it's great Ben especially when for a completely unknown reason it scares you posts that you took an hour to lay. Who I have to do a trial in these free software stories to reimburse me this time of Taf that I come from Paumer by making a beautiful illustrated text highlighting this nice novelty imagined by Matt Jones Aka Lunartik Jones, eh ? And impossible to put your hand back on the text, no no forget, it would be too easy. All the free hatred that I currently derived to the detriment of concrete and enhancing information of this English production DIY is lost forever. Instead you can only appreciate the images of this Toy who will come out in 6 versions as of June by ignoring all the finesse that usually peer each of my posts on this blog. So be nice, go beyond my flow of insults (contained nevertheless, I do not want the WordPress Vienna community to fuck me probably because of a manipulation error) and smile looking at this little man of 6.5 inch whose name is Lunartik. The pleasure I have to present this production is inversely proportional to the desire that I have to make blankets. Even my conclusion valve that suggested a limited darjeeling version will be totally out of this post. Sorry Tea Lovers.


Formidables ces Lunartik. Earl et Milky sont particulièrement réussi.
Pour ton Wordpress en général la communauté est loin d’être moqueuse ;) Si tu as le temps rends toi sur le forum de la communauté .fr colles-y les plugs que tu as installé et la code d’erreur affiché lorsque ton édition foire. Il y a forcement une solution.

No author March 28, 2022

c’est gentil Secteur Sud, disons qu’on a sauvé le blog il y a quelques mois et que parfois j’ai l’impression qu’il nous fait des petites rechutes. D’où mon énervement passager.
Je vais me pencher sur la question dès que j’ai un peu de temps.

No author March 28, 2022
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