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Article: Minions: Small yellow creatures that melt our hearts!

Les Minions : ces petites créatures jaunes qui font fondre nos cœurs !

Minions: Small yellow creatures that melt our hearts!

Minions are small adorable and playful yellow creatures that have conquered the hearts of the public around the world with their unique appearance, their incomprehensible language and their love for bananas!

The latter have had many masters : A T-Rex, a Pharaoh, Gengis Khan, Dracula, a stone of the Stone Age, a knight and Napoleon. They all knew the same fate, killed by their own misadventures. This is how they decided to isolate themselves from the world in An ice cave, while waiting for their next chef!

They then managed to become one of the most popular characters in the cinematographic universe.

The history of minions

We owe these creatures to Coffin stone, A French director and animator. He first made his weapons in England, in Amblimation, the first studio created by Steven Spielberg in London to finally Corealize with Universal Me, ugly and nasty in 2010 !

It's also The original voice Minions in the various productions of the franchise.

Minions come from the planet of Minions and have evolved from yellow monocellular organizations. They are known for their helpful nature and their unshakable desire to work for the biggest villain of the moment.

However, due to their unpredictable clumsiness and nature, they tend to cause more problems than anything else.

Despite this, their optimism, their camaraderie and their irresistible charm made them extremely popular.

However, they were not intended from the start to have this appearance as we were able to discover in the interview given to Télérama:

"At the start, the Minions were trolls, an army of big balèzes, tells Pierre Coffin. But we preferred to move away from human resemblance. We went through all the stages, to the yellowish toad with large glasses. Finally, I thought that it was necessary to focus on the expression, the eyes and the mouth. And it became this very simple man, a little Japanese. »»

The appearance of minions

They all have one similar physiology, but have unique distinctive characteristics in terms of size, number of eyes, curves or secondary characteristics such as their hair, the size of their pupils or their clothes.

These yellow characters mostly wear black gloves and boots, small glasses adapted to their eyes and a overalls carrying the Gru emblem.

The other characters

They are fiercely loyal to Gru and the Dr. Nefario And particularly eager to please them, helping to make all the diabolical plans!

All members of the GRU family are super-guys For several generations. Gru has still had only one dream: to go to the moon. He had a childhood mentality as a child and was passionate about making incredible objects!

His mother Marlena did not really understand the importance of his dream and remained completely indifferent to his inventions. Which of course never prevented him from persevere in what he loved

Gru is cold and calculating at first and adopts girls only to achieve its ends. Despite this, he is friends with THE Dr. Nefario And treats the Minions well, whose names he even knows. In contact with girls, then Lucy, his character changes and he will even become a caring father and husband!

Speaking of his daughters, we find them under the names ofEdith, Agnès And Margo.  

Harmful is a very talented crazy scientist who has become the scientist and the right arm of the Professional GRU super-hue. For him, Néfario set a series of gadgets and weapons to the point and he is his only trusted man.

However, in the 2nd episode, when Gru decides to definitively give up his life as a super-mining, Néfario puts himself at the service of another criminal, El Macho, his real name Eduardo Perez before finally returning to the side of his former employer.

Films featuring the Minions

"Me, ugly and bad" (2010)

The Minions made their first appearance in this successful animated film. They are the servants of Gru, a super-hue determined to fly the moon. The Minions, with their overflowing enthusiasm, add a dose of humor and chaos to history. Their comic moments and hilarious interactions immediately won the public.

"Me, ugly and bad 2" (2013)

In this suite, the Minions find themselves in a new adventure by helping Gru fight a formidable new enemy. The film explores the personality of the Minions more and highlights their loyalty to Gru. Their role in this film is even more important, and the spectators have attached themselves even more to these yellow creatures.

"Les Minions" (2015)

This film is a spin-off entirely devoted to minions. It tells the story of their existence from prehistoric times until their meeting with Gru. Spectators discover the origins of Minions, their hilarious adventures and their perpetual quest to serve the biggest villain. This film offers a thorough look at Minions and is a real celebration of their unique personality

"Me, ugly and bad 3" (2017)

Minions are back with new adventures in this third installation of the franchise. They play a key role in the plot while they find themselves faced with choices that question their fidelity to Gru. The film also explores the importance of friendship and family, themes that resonate deeply with the public.

"Minions 2: Once upon a time GRU" (2022)

While the 70s beat their full, Gru who grows in the suburbs in the middle of elephant leg jeans and flower hair, sets up a Machiavellian plan at will to succeed in integrating a famous group of super bad guys, known as The name of Vicious 6, of which he is the greatest admirer.

We then discover how theMore famous super bad guys has trained with its now famous minions, the most despicable teams to face the most relentless group of criminals!


Minions at Artoyz

But their success does not stop there and We find them of course at Artoyz, adapted in superb figurines!

 Among their many masters, we find of course the Rex which has existed since the earth is earth. They are here on the back of the beast, in a version of 15 cm.
Whether Tim is your favorite, Medicom Toy offers you the opportunity to have it just for you with this UDF
Let's stay at Medicom Toy with a more substantial format, these are of course our very expensive Bearbrick.
Let's start presenting the band with Otto, Minion carriesbraces.
After this version known as "Classic", let's go to the versions "Chromes" Who have, it must be said, rather the class! It is Dave Who opens the ball, accompanied by its miniature version in 100% format.

Here isStuart, little minion with an eye which is the faithful ally of Kevin.
It is ultimately Kevin which closes this selection. The latter likes to enjoy life, as well as to make fun of people in general. Perhaps this is the most known of this large family.

Whether through their hilarious antics or their eternal quest to serve evil, the Minions continue to make people smile and bring joy to all those who meet them on the screen!
We hope you liked this article and see you very soon for a new subject!

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