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Article: The universe of Ron English / Golem x Ron English

L'univers de Ron English / Golem x Ron English

The universe of Ron English / Golem x Ron English

Ron English's story

Born in the 60s in the USA, Ron English is a colorful artist who uses the street, museums and books to exhibit his pop and slightly cynical posters. Graduate of Fine arts From the University of North Texas, he trained in the art of reproduction and specializes in oil painting.

According to him, his art is on the border of painting and street art, balance he particularly likes! The important thing is keep up and continue on its momentum, making sure to always bring something new and feel his signature.

Widely considered The godfather of street art, he diverts tables or advertising posters using a very elaborate oil technique, with the main purpose of awakening popular conscience on our beliefs and our society. It is mainly inspired by thepop culture and cartoons.

Ron English started publishing his art illegally on display panels In the early 80s For two reasons: free access to large rolls of paper and for the fact that the display panels are easy to reach in the Texan landscape.


Cultural jamming or "Jamming" is one of the important aspects of his work. Without becoming an official member, English has repeatedly joined the Billboard Liberation Front, who practices cultural jamming by modifying the display panels and changing the words to radically modify the message!

The goal is to help people question THE capitalism and our consumption methods.

Tony the Tiger, Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse, Simpsons, Super Mario or Barack Obama are emblematic figures of our time that he took care to rework in his way !  

Ron English received wide recognition when he includes his art in the film documentary Super size me of 2004. He helped make known his colorful and unique style, with a major part concerning his work on the theme of McDonald

Another important achievement: "Abraham Obama", produced during the 2008 American presidential election, which is a "portrait-fusion" of the 16th and 44th American presidents.

At the origin of the movementPopaganda, which can result in the "propaganda of pop", he uses the codes and styles of large brands and popular culture for Create an offbeat universe in which history and modernity meet.

Its beginnings in the Toy design

It is also a avant-garde in the field of art toys In vinyl, with hundreds of productions to his credit which complete all of his art!In 2005, English started creating his first figurines in the colors of his creatures.

It is Ronnnie Rabbit which was the first of a long line, with a signed productionDark Horse.

From the top of his 9", This little creature with three eyes, three ears, two noses and two mouths is a companion as adorable as it is disturbing!

There followed many collaborations With artists from around the world. In 2013, he joined the guitarist slash To create a fiberglass bust in limited edition of the image used for the album cover Slash and Friends.

 He also joined the singer Chris Brown to launch their Toy "Dum English"; An astronaut skeleton available in different colors of 10 ".

We also find a collaboration with the rock group Pearl Jam, in which we will discover "Falla Sheep", a range of small sheep disguised as wolves.

In the genre big licenses, nothing scares Ron English! The interplanetary saga Star Wars So of course was not spared.

We find first Iron Skin grin :

Iron Skin grin

As well as certain Police Grin Gay Empire :

Police Grin Gay Empire

Finally, let's address the subject of the best known sculpture of Ron English, the MC Supersized, painted for director Morgan Spurlock!

Mc Supersized Porcelain Platinum 

From the top of its 22 cm, the room is also available in a white version and another black / white.

In the new arrival Clutter, we had the opportunity to discover one of the last collaboration of Ron English with the Creator of Canbot Czee13 on A new edition of 5,5" ofGrinbot !

Grinbot Og Yellow

Cereal Killers

In parallel, we find a series now become iconic: the "Cereal Killers". Each character comes in his personalized packaging, recalling the boxes of cereals stuffed with sugars and other cholesterol! The figurines exist in a "mini" format but also in greater dimensions.

The first character is none other than therepresentative of a brand of disproportionately sweet cereals which is in the spotlight: Tony the Tiger ! After having ingested many of his own cereals, Tony took thighs and belly, but he still has the same energy.

Now among 12, Cereal Killers are your worst nightmare if you want a healthy and balanced life!

Here they are out of their boxes, there is a colorful and specific adaptation to the style of M. English.

At Artoyz, we love Yucky Children CharmerSmall Leprechaun who unfortunately suffers from the effects of consumption of his own product ...


Yucky Children Charmer

He will of course be happier in the company of his fellow men, such as TRICKY The Obese Bunny or the famous County Count !

TRICKY The Obese Bunny

County Count


To discover all of Ron English's creations, direction our section "Popaganda" :




Exit from the More Evil Monkeys figurine

 If you are fans of his work, know that the next lines may please you! OUR Golem label launches his figurine More Evil Monkey, in collaboration with Ron English.
You will find A set of 3 figurines Bringing a nod to the three famous monkeys symbolizing wisdom. Here they are determined to show that they are on the lookout!
Stay connected because it is possible that new colors are coming out in the days / weeks to come.

Made in vinyl, these figurines of 15cm will be available on 08/06/2023 at the price of 250€ At Artoyz!


Edition limited to only 250 copies. 

Ron English

If you want to discover more about his life, the documentaryPopaganda: The Art and Crimes of Ron English (2005) Produced by Pedro Carjaval will be able to inform you!

We hope you liked this article and see you very soon for a new subject!

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