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Article: The Sentai Maria are back to play a very nice turn!

Les Sentai Maria sont de retour pour vous jouer un très joli tour !

The Sentai Maria are back to play a very nice turn!

What better to celebrate the new year than figurines with shimmering looks? Our figurinesSentai Maria do againIn their clothes of lights where the very chic black and gold colors make their cinema. Perfect continuity of our collaboration with the artistSaosig ChamaillardThese figurines are inspired by the work of the latter"Pink strength, etc"Realized in 2012. If this expression reminds you of something this is thanks to the culture of the felt, television series having broken in France at the beginning of the 90's. With their colorblock costumes and very tight, we must confess, these pop heroes rocked our childhood.

We find them this time diverting the image so sacralized from the Virgin Mary. Wanting to show the power of the image but also the appropriation pop of a religious symbol like the Virgin, the artist Saosig Chamaillard imagined this hybrid character whose references resonate in us.Less pop but always irreverentS, Our new Sentai Maria seems to have a matte black and a bright gold playing the contrast with the original figurines. You are in a hurry to add them to your collection? Still a little patience...

The appointment is taken this Monday, January 6 at 13honour websiteSold 69,90 €Each, these new Sentai Maria make great happy. Attention limited edition to 100 pieces.

Credits: ARTOYZ

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