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Article: The Mandalorian, season 2 confirmed!

The Mandalorian, la saison 2 confirmée !

The Mandalorian, season 2 confirmed!

Impossible not to mention Star Wars and his universe (ruthless?) At the end of 2019. With a movie "End of saga" and a very awaited series, it was unless fans for burn out. If the episode IX still divides itself since its release, the series The mandalorian presented on Disney + is an absolute success : sumptuous decorations, character characters well soaked but also and especially a red thread around Baby Yoda, leaving a rich history about the origins of Master Yoda.

Do you feel the excitement go up in you? It's normal. From the top of his 8 episodes, The Mandalorian of Jon Favreau has established himself with fans and novices by his brilliance. Faced with such a success and a crowd of derivatives that are already out of stock, Disney + dropped the song by announcing a second season to this series more than promising. And if we rely in the end, no doubt season 2 will be as volcanic as expected.

See you in March to discover season 1 (if you have not already done so already) Disney + France and In the fall for season 2 !

"This is the way".

Credits: Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios

Source: Jon Favreau Twitter

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