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Article: Sonny Angel : these adorable disguised babies

Les Sonny Angel : ces adorables bébés déguisés

Sonny Angel : these adorable disguised babies

THE Sonny Angel are small plastic angelic figurines! They measure approximately 10 cm high and are delivered in Blind Box, which means that you do not know which one you will get in advance.
Each figurine has a design Unique, cute and very colorful.
The first Sonny Angel was born in March 2005. At first, Sonny Angel was not a mini figurine but was more likely to a doll from the top of his
18 cm (7 ")
Shortly after, a series of mini-figurins has come out, the "Animal Series 1" Wearing animal headgear.
At Artoyz, you can find a reissue of this iconic series:
 The products have been available in France for more than 10 years now and there are more than 1000 different models!
These figurines are produced by Dreams which has been based in Japan since 1996. In addition to Sonny Angels, the company also produces cute little ones Smiski :
But let's go back to the mainInterested, these little angels who make us all crack! These are available in several series:
The regular or main series, in which we find themes such as  Animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers or candies ...Each series includes 12 different figurines and finds itself published periodically.
"Special" series  who have unique designs and themes. These series often have the theme of the holidays, the seasons and are even more limited. Each set includes between 6 and 12 different figurines.
The collection of artists areSpecial series which presents unique designs created by artists from around the world. VSHaque figurine of the series has its own appearance and style, with a higher format which is within 15 cm!
 Other formats are also produced, especially with the "Master Collection" which offers us Sonny Angel Ultra-Luxueux of 26 cm.

In addition to the Sonny Angels of each series, there is also a Secret Angel and one Robby Angel which are not present on the box. Each series has its own "secret" figurines, but buying the full set is not the guarantee of having a secret! They also replace one of the 12 Sonny Angels in the box instead of coming and are therefore Very rare and prized!

Here is an extremely limited cliché of Sonny Angel:

 Without forgetting our dear Robby Angel, Sonny Angel's friend. With his look of mouse, he likes to dress in the same way as his companion and is available in new colors Each series!

But Sonny Angel is also superb collaborations. Let's start with The snowball made with Ladurée which is unfortunately no longer available at Artoyz ... There are several very gourmet and incredibly cute figurines, with Particularly neat packaging!

More recently, the talented Donna Wilson collaborated with Dreams on a series of small creatures. The designer based in London offers us colorful and unique outfits, which highlight these little angels. Endowed with their own personalities, these figurines are inspired by the creations of the latter, they all have a story to tell!


How is it possible to resist them?

Donna Wilson - Creatures Series

Perfect for offering and even better to collect, these little figurines with the incredible design are waiting for you!

The universe of Sonny Angel

We hope that this selection of products will please you and see you very soon for a new article!

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