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Article: Let US Prey by Frank Kozik X Kidrobot

Let us Prey par Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

Let US Prey by Frank Kozik X Kidrobot

The legendary artist of San Francisco Frank Kozik surprises us again with his last figurine! Kidrobot's creative director kicks off the anthill of capitalism by presenting Let us prey, understand "Let us prey," Word game with Let Us Pray for "Let us pray". Yes but in prey to what? This is the entire stake of this figurine representing joined hands, praying with among themselves a huge pack of tickets. Resfring avid company of money And disconnected real and important things, Frank Kozik uses religious codes to pass his criticism.

And to push the irony further, Frank Kozik sculpts a rosary that wraps around the joined hands. Certainly a wink to all religious power in the United States which, attached to the outrage capitalism, blind people. You have seized it, there are no dead hands on the contrary. This satirical figurine declined in a patinated version and a black and gold version, is presented onKidrobot website at $100.

Credits: Kidrobot / Frank Kozik

Source: Kidrobot Instagram

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