Mr Clement and Tomenosuke come out rabbit in vulgar statement!

Presented at the Tokyo comic-conThis figurine has already been a lot of noise for a few weeks. Today, the wait is no longer very long to make sure this piece collab between the artist Mr CLEMENT and The Tomenosuke Shop Gallery. Started more than a year ago, this project finally leads to a monochromatic figurine, declined in several shades.

The artist Mr Clement therefore imagined this rabbit an irreverent hair before Tomenosuke is added to the project to produce the pieces. Corn Rabbit a vulgar statement, What is it exactly ? Well, it is a naked rabbit (visible male attributes) which raises its major as a protest. With its very long tubular ears, rabbit is needed. Available in white, black and gray, rabbit a vulgar statement will be sold to $ 120 from December 7th at 16h (Paris time).

Go to the website of Tomenosuke.

Credits: Mr Clement / Tomenosuke

Source: The Toy Chronicle

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