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Luke intro

In addition to the fact that he slipped in the middle of the production 2007 a bomb with his possessed, the Californian artist Luke Chueh did not hurt him in recent weeks with advertisements of new volume outputs.

Its popularity in particular acquired in the space of three years via some sold-out exhibitions at the Gallery 1988, have made a little flaming the boy's coast for his paintings, but we will be able to catch up with these animal devices with a significant look by playing on several different surfaces.


This dripping resin produced at 100 copies made a brief passage for sale a few days ago at Munky King (the remaining 50).

Among other artists whose "Fame" is galloping in California (Ledbetter, Craola, Votell ...), will appear at the end of January 2008 his first mini figurine and some variations in series Vivisect Playset.

4 variants on the base of the rabbit seem to be disseminated deep inside these boxes. Boxes that seem to be more dividing the community than Arthur, a box specialist itself.

Vivisect Luke Chueh Figures

Another particularly horny project is the collaboration with Wonderwall for the KFGU series (Kaiju for Grown UPS).

Liberation of sketches of the Sad Bear and the 3 Mecha declinations presidential:


Sad Bear

MSB 01 Silver, MSB 02 Gold & MSB 03 Gun Metal Gray

And the ultraman version that will remain on paper only:



And at the same time on vinylpulse we present ourselves a new project in preparation with Munky King which says a lot about the beautiful things coming from L.A.:


Beautiful world for future weeks.


Han le teaser Munky King c’est comme un bonbon que tu peux pas attrapper parce que ton bras est trop court, follement excitant :biggrin:

No author March 28, 2022

Je ne suis pas excité plus que ça par les croquis pour KFGU, ni par la série vivisect (mis à part le Visell) par contre l’illu pour Munky King me donne vraiment envie d’en voir/savoir plus.

No author March 28, 2022

J’ai hate de voir le réslutat final

No author March 28, 2022

Tout m’emballe personnellement.
Le Sad Bear peut vraiment faire mal, très mal et puis un lapin noir avec un véritable costume cela pourrait être terrible.
Welcome 2008 !

No author March 28, 2022
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