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Article: Ringo Bear is here! RELEASE DATE: TOMORROW!


Ringo Bear is here! RELEASE DATE: TOMORROW!

Ringo Slasher Bear Hello, The Ringo Bear arrived in our premises! At last ! On sale tomorrow Friday, December 14 ARTOYZ Paris: from 11h opening the store. First come, first served. ARTOYZ LYON: In the day, call the store for the arrival time of the cartons. from 17h hour of Paris. Price: 120 € Room. Limited to Only one Ringo Bear per person per day. Any order containing more than one ringo will be purely and simply canceled. We reserve the right to cancel orders if problems arise. The Ringo orders will be sent during the week 51. We can not tell you accurately what day you will be sent your order, but if your order has been validated and you have not received a counter-indication message in The hours that followed your order, everything will be normally. The server may be slightly overloaded tomorrow at 17h, so thank you for being patient and understanding, we will do everything for everything to go well. Hotline: 01 48 78 12 68 Thank you for your understanding! _______________________________ Hello, Ringo Bear Have Arrived in Our Offices! AT LAST! The Sale Will Start Tomorrow, Friday 14th December Artoyz Paris: from 11am, When The Shop Will Open. First Come, First Serve Basis. Artoyz Lyon: in the afternoon. ARTOYZ.COM: from 5PM Paris Time. Price: 120 € per piece LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO One Piece Per Customer Per Day. Every Order with More Than One Ringo Bear Will Bear AutomaticLy Cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel any order if a problem happens. The Shipping Costs Are Calculated AutomaticLy When You Place Your Order. The Items Will Be Shipped During Week 51. We Can't Tell Exactly Which Day The Packages Will Leave Our Office Because It's Gonna Be Difficult to Ship All The Orders We Precise Day. If you do not receive a message from Artoyz in The Following Hours After Order IT MEANS THAT YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN APPROVED. Foreign Orders Can Only Pay With a Credit Card. No CheckS. No PayPal. The Server Will Slow Down Tomorrow Without A Doubt, SO I BEG FOR YOUR COMPREHENSION AND PATIENCE. Thank you Very Much! Hotline: +33 1 48 78 12 68

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