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Article: Kidrobot light

Lumière sur Kidrobot

Kidrobot light

With its many adorable figurines and stuffed animals,Kidrobot always imposes a little more. Just see the diversity of rooms that can be offered today. Whether it's mini series, flagship pieces like theDunny or the range YUMMY WORLDNothing is left to chance to fill collectors. Let's look at a little side of the Dunny. This funny character with tubular ears makes the happiness of the artists who reinvent him in accordance with desires and seasons. Among our news? The pieces of Martin Ontiveros, Dolly Oblong, Dirtyrobot or Scott Tolleson with two 8 "Krak Dunny Transparencies. But the Dunny also appreciates in mini version thanks to several series like SPIRITUS DEA, with the figurines of several female artists like Candie Bolton or Laura Colors of 64 Colors,Exquisite Corpse With the pieces of Igor Ventura, Luiz Unreal or Quiccs.

As for Andy Warhol, you will find it in the series Many Faces of Andy Warhol. Art is declined in many forms and sometimes takes that of stuffed stuff. The YUMMY WORLD range is the proof! Revisiting your dishes, desserts ... The most greedy, this range is a real dose of good humor. Whether you are spicy sauce with roxy the hot sauce or sugar with Hylee heart cookie, You will surely find happiness.

To find Kidrobot's news is right here.

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