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Article: KAWS X AllrightsResserved come out an object for the house!

Kaws x AllRightsReserved sortent un objet pour la maison !

KAWS X AllrightsResserved come out an object for the house!

KAWS and ALLRIGHTSRESERVED, it's a great story and when we say great, it's sometimes also in size, as evidenced by the few Companion XXL Viewed around the world. But this collaboration also takes other forms, more amazing. It is on the Instagram account of Kaws that everything is revealed: it's a teapot. The banal is no longer and becomes an object of art between the hands of international artists, who divert the objects of everyday life by affixing their style. In the case of kaws it is his famous signature ...

The double xx becomes monogram, almost All-Over. The magic operates when it plays the tone on tone with the white ceramic teapot. With its round, disuven, artisanal lines, it is a leap in modernity with the universe of Kaws. That Meeting of art and everyday life is a leitmotif in the work of the artist which uses the environment space as an open pit gallery. This time the gallery is at home with this teapot by AllrightsReserved and Kawns, Edited to 1000 copies.

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