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Article: Tokidoki's magical universe

L'univers magique de Tokidoki

Tokidoki's magical universe

Tokidoki, a colorful brand

Tokidoki, which can result in "sometimes" in Japanese, is a brand of lifestyle based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2005 by the Italian artist Simone Legno, the brand is known for its colorful, fun and often kawaii aesthetics!
The universe of Tokidoki is populated by adorable and whimsical characters, created by Simone Legno. They all have their own story and personality, which adds a narrative dimension to the Tokidoki universe. The brand A has collaborated with some of the bigger Brands such as Major League Baseball, Marvel Comics, Barbie, Karl Lagerfeld ... special collections and very varied limited editions, thus expanding its influence in the world of fashion and design.

Tokidoki's aesthetics is often associated with Japanese culture, street art and pop culture, which makes it a brand popular with a varied audience, from children to adults. It embodies the idea that creativity and fantasy can be integrated into our daily life through quality products and design neat.

Tokidoki at Artoyz

THE flagship universe are the Unicornos, the cacti, the moofia and more recently Donutella and his friends ! The products are available in different formats and it is possible to find them in Blind Box But also for sale while already knowing the figurine.

The Unicornos

 Let's start this selection withSpace Unicorno "Gravity", theme already discussed during the release of the series

Space Unicornos, with 9 galactically designsGreat! The figurine is presented with a beautiful "Glow in the Dark" effect which really makes the difference.

Space Unicorno - Gravity

Also find series Space Unicornos, always available at Artoyz:

Space Unicornos

It is said that the Unicorno were at the beginning of the small ponies which trotted. One day, they passed through a magic waterfall and turned into unicorns, in an enchanted and magical kingdom! This is why we find such kawaii and endearing designs, as with this pack of two figurines Sweet Heart Unicorno !
With this version of Unicornos, treat yourself or express your feelings to your half! We find here two unicorns which open to reveal very romantic gifts. In details, we discover a rose, a ring and its magnificent diamond as well as a lot of very appetizing chocolates.

Sweet Heart Unicorno

If you have a little hollow, this new edition of Delicious may please you! Here we find 7 new designs, each more adorable than the other pushing the possibilities a little more in terms of design With ever more excavated inlays and sculptures.

Delicious Unicorno Series 2

Finally, we can also mention this new limited edition specially released for the year of the rabbit, which like all signs, returns once every 12 years. With this chrome effect, the figurine proudly displays its design Premium, still remaining so kawaii!



Do unicornos tell you something? Don't say no, you wouldn't be there! Nature does not like the Tokidoki vacuum has shot a hand to lady nature of tales and legends and has created a whole new legendary animal to us : MERMICORNO, improbable crossing between a unicorno and a mermaid ...


Mermicorno series 7


Food and drinks at Tokidoki

Let's start with the Healthy Besties Wholove to show how funny food can eat and good for you! Each Healthy Besties figurine represents a character from the world Healthy, delicious and nutritious foods! 

Healthy Besties

If on the contrary you have not adopted this kind of diet, know that another series can suit you! Because yes, what could be better than a good fast food to recover from an exhausting day? Tokidoki understood this and concocted the Fast Food Besties, a series dedicated to fast food.

Fast Food Besties

We also present youDonutella and Her sweet Friends. Series imagined by the very prolific Simone Legno Aka Tokidoki who takes up her very very sweet universe of donuts with in particular the historical figure of Donutella!

Donutella and Her sweet Friends Series 4

Finally, here is a message directly addressed to fans of wild evenings, headache the next day and eternal regrets! Tokidoki has thought of you with its new collection Boozy Besties : Wine, sake beer, champagne and so many other things are on the program.

Boozy Besties


The universe of Hello Kitty

Created by Sanrio and drawn by Yuko Shimizu In 1974, Hello Kitty advocated values ​​dear to Japanese culture such as friendship, respect but also kindness. Discover here the new figurine from the collaboration between Tokidoki and Hello Kitty! The little pussy with a red ribbon has a nice unicorn suit here, for a guaranteed kawaii effect.
You can also find at ArtoyzThe new Tokidoki X Hello Kitty and Friends series ! Your favorite characters from Hello Kitty are united and they are ready to have fun, in no less9 new designs All more adorable than each other.

Toki Mondo

To close this beautiful selection, here is another series that should please you! As you know, chez ARTOYZwe love the movies of Kaiju And the big robots.The little guys from Tokidoki obviously share the same passion since today they offer you a second collection Mondo With lots of lizards, gorillas and other giant robots.
Find the whole tokidoki universe right here:
We hope you liked these products and see you very soon for a new article!

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