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Article: Popmart is back at Artoyz!

Popmart est de retour chez Artoyz !

Popmart is back at Artoyz!

Popmart, giant of designer toys

Popmart, founded in 2010, is a leading company of pop culture and designer toys. The company has recruited various designers, such as Kenny, Pucky, Ayan, Kasing Lung and Skullpanda for its different creations. We therefore find recurring series with characters now become iconic, such as Labubu, Hirono or Pucky!


A wide variety of products

It is possible to find these figurines under different formats : small products such as "blind boxes", sold to the unit or in a display and which bring us to all of wanting to bring them together. With many variants, secret parts and packaging at design Always so worked,La collection From Blind Box signed Popmart is always a safe bet.


The themes covered are very varied and there is really for everyone! From food to monsters, including nature, it is not the choice that is missing at Popmart.

Other more imposing figurines are also produced by Popmart, even more highlighting the fabulous work of the various artists present on all these projects.

THE News

Recently, many references have been added to the big popmart family at Artoyz! You will discover them here and learn more about these different artists.

Let's start with Skullpanda, A Chinese artist who has been collaborating for several years already with Popmart. His work is distinguishes with an often dark universe, figurines with Strong personalities and distinguished designs. Their daring appearances are adored by the community of designer toys And the distinctive makeup of Skullpanda figurines has even become a cosplay trend among fans!

Series "Everyday Wonderland " is a real success, faithful to the universe ofDesigner :

Everyday Wonderland

We also findA new figurine named "Ootd Glaring" at the forefront of fashion!From the top of his 19cm, this version has a design worked and splendid colors.

Skullpanda Ootd Glaring 

Let's talk aboutKenny Wong, a.k.a Kennyswork. The Chinese artist signs a series here around his favorite character: Molly.

Molly Share here in spaceIn this new series:

Space Molly Series

With her sulky pout, her big eyes and very drawn eyelashes she is adorable. Constantly reinterpreted, Molly takes out her most beautiful costumes here to give you a full view.

Erosion Molly Costume Series

This series is carried out in collaboration with Instinctoy And it's not the only one! It is a company of designer toys which creates quality designs using original concepts and advanced structural techniques.

We find first

"Vincent Pastel" ! Under his imposing appearance, offbeat and slightly repulsive hides a tender heart, he is ready to become your newcompanion !

Dreamy Vincent Pastel

An adorable series named Sweet Bean whose characters on the nose and red cheeks remind us of the pits of our childhood has also been launched!

Sweet Bean - Sweet Together

 A series centered on Monster Fluffy, who lives his best life. Diablotin a little creepy, it nevertheless only comes out of teeth.

Monster Fluffy - Joyful Life

The famous character "Muckey" Born in 2013 is also honored with three new variations. Muckey "Big Celebration" presents a design Shifted and pastel colors, here is a figurine that will surely surprise you.

Muckey "Big Celebration"

The version "Let's play"present

Muckey And Monster Fluffy which complement each other perfectly, with very pretty designs. Tilt the muckey head back to reveal its sharp teeth like razors!

Muckey "Let's Play"

Finally, it is also possible to find the "Muckey Dreamy Life Series"This series centered on Muckey, which lives its Best Life. Big teddy bear a little creepy, it nevertheless only comes out of teeth.

Muckey Dreamy Life Series

Kasing Lung Now is on track, he has more than 10 years of experience in the illustration and his works have a style of bright Nordic fairy tale. He is the first Chinese winner of the Illustration Prize in Belgium, proof of his immense talent.

 In "The Monsters Candy", the famous character Labubu returns in an even more offbeat edition. From strawberry to watermelon, via lemon, artist Kasing Lung offers us a new series in collaboration with How2work and Pop Mart.

LABUBU -The Monsters Candy

"The Monsters Home of the Elves" is also available at Artoyz! We find our dear Labu in a new series with surfing boards, a motorcycle and even a campsite! A cool universe that changes other more fantastic versions.

The Monsters Home of the Elves

For fans of the character, know that a version of 19 cm is available ! NOTomitée "Boy", the Labu has a nice blue suit that read will delight!

With his mischievous gaze and her teeth that go beyond, Labu is a very endearing little rabbit.


Let's talk about Vita Pinky "Big Figure", new large edition of the iconic character made in collaboration with Ninego. You will find her here in A version full of details and accessories, with for example a super pink bear costume, a dog that can also disguise itself and even a necklace worthy of the name!

Mumiji also holds his collaboration witha super kawaii figurine, at design Colorful and very worked!With its rainbow and a pretty carousel, "Whisper Doll Sky Dreamer Handled " is a must for lovers of both Brands.
Popmart associates with Handes in Factory To offer you a range of figurines that will delight horns and fashion lovers! On the program: sneakers as well as ultra-tendencies.
Do you like plants ? That's good, Popmart And Flabjack Also and today he offers you a series that targets people who have a green hand.
If on the other hand you are more fans ofEs tears and monsters, you should please you! This is the program for this new range created by Popmart and Crybaby.
After Bubble Man, Modoli and pop Mart are back for a new series of mini figurines turned to the weather in addition to being hilarious.

If you are familiar with toy design, you necessarily know Coolrain Lab. Today and in collaboration with Popmart, they come back with a collection of mini figurines on the mascot theme With 8 models + 2 secrets. 


Oh Face Series

After exploring the universes of pastries, space, sleep or New Year, Pucky and Popmart continue their adventure together with a figurine on the theme of the circus, as well as a whole new series based on catering: Rabbit Cafe.
To conclude this selection, let's move on to a series produced only by Popmart! We findNori, A young woman who has the particularity, if you have several of the 12 models +1 secret, to be able to change haircuts and shoes with her fellows.
If you want to find the whole popmart range available at Artoyz:

 We hope you liked this article and see you very soon for a new subject!

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