Artoyz is full of news!

Once is not custom, we still have beautiful finds! After a huge selection of beautiful books Huginn & Muninn and Ankama, we gadata with beautiful exclusive news!

Among the long-awaited figurines, we received the complete set of the Cereal Killers miniature! They take less space than their counterparts and you find the characters already out and especially almost not found now like Cap'n Corn Starch, Coco Puffed Paunch and even Yucky Children Charmer accompanied by new heads!
Always by the prolific Ron Français that we no longer present!

We put their hands on the classicbot Classic of the artistPhilip Lee Repeating the design of one of the world's best-known computers' you know those with the apple started with the colors of the rainbow!)

We continue with the "The Dessert Oracle" figurine by Sad Salesman, an artist we love! Representing a totem of cuteest characters who can exist!

We have re-store products for the most nostalgic Parisian shop like Ollie The Twitterrific Bird, or Akashi of Dave Bondi mixing Mario and Mickey Mouse via Fat Tony of Ron English (who for the shot takes a fluo color! )

We also have excluded like Kitty Sutra - Siamese version of the artist Kevin Luong or Ragnar "The Metal Gnome" Hellstrummer Gnomeboy Anatomic by Jason Freeny!

We can not quote everything, the only thing you have to do is stroll on the site! You will surely find happiness!

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