Martin by James Jarvis


In the aftermath of the closing of the Beijing Olympic Games ... What? .... A problem with this introductory sentence? ... What? Me an opportunity? ... On the pretext that we have not talked about it at a moment and that once the event spent we try to build a post on the soil of miserabilism and the formula easy to the small week ? ... it disturbs who?

Ok I'm a little nervous, it's pretty normal since James Jarvis handed a nice blow to pressure. Since it announced that it would stop getting out of the Toys it multiplies the collaborations and it gives us the impression of staying as long as Jay-Z retired!

So much better because here he revisits his very first toy,Martin, which was a collaboration with the brand Silas. To celebrate the 10 years of the figurine (whose rating does not seem to decrease over time), the collaboration continues with a slight physical transformation for the small Martin who took over.

Bedaine yes, but certainly not because of the beer, since we clearly see a cross on the back of his hand that would mean that Martin is straight-edge.

Ok the character of the character revised X years after Kaws has already done it but we do not care.


In addition, Jacies Jarvis, of whom we know his passion overflowing for running, redesigned the windows of a Nike Shop in London to restart their Windrunner winds. It is an athlethic and jovial piaf with a large beak that has been welcoming visitors for a few days, with small illustrations on the showcases and a pier Mastock presumably in fiberglass that throne upfront. It would make total the case for London 2012 as mascot.

Clearly more a stork than a pelican this wader. No nothing.

 Jarvis Piaf
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