Yumenoko Kodomo by T9G

Yumenoko Kodomo Do not worry, everything is normal, it's just the new T9G project that wears the sweet name of Yumenoko Kodomo, produced by Medicom in the famous VCD series and will be released in 3 shops in Japan only with exactly 50 pieces. Completely debilos / fatal with a mixture of boa, ribbons, black plush head with a red nose, rose-loving arms on a black body that could have belong to Chucky and a bitch hat. Promised tomorrow I will post a cute thing with kawai eyes I know you like.


Photoshop TOTAL disaster

No author March 28, 2022

ha oui on l’avait apercu parmis tous les personnages de sa derniere expo, il aurait pu en sortir un autre car celui fait vraiment trop peur: avec sa bouche façon poupée pour ventriloque ça me rappelle trop le film d’horreur Dolls

No author March 28, 2022
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