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Article: Medicom Toy X Hajime Sorayama X Disney, New Color

Medicom Toy x Hajime Sorayama x Disney, nouvelle couleur

Medicom Toy X Hajime Sorayama X Disney, New Color

We know how much the figuresMedicom Toy Are appreciated but they are, for some collectors, even more important when there is a collaboration. You will be delighted to see thatHajime Sorayama and Medicom Toy find themselves with Disney to create a new version of Future Mickey Bearbrick. This Bearbrick originally released in 2019 in silver and gold, Fetish colors of Hajime Sorayama, is revealed in A Classico-Futuristic version.

Yes, nothing like resuming the world's most famous mouse colors to fly. It is therefore in silver, red and black light that we find Mickey. Obviously, we keep the chrome character to find the futuristic paw of Sorayama. As for the first edition, Future Mickey will be unveiled in Set 400% + 100% Bearbrick and 1000% Bearbrick and not anywhere: 2G of Osaka and the designercon ! Yes, but for the online edition, COVID-19 requires. So let you get your tickets for the designercon 2020 Online, which begins this Friday, November 13th.

Credits: Medicom Toy

Source: vinylpulse

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