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Article: It's time for Designer Toys

Focus Designer Toys !

It's time for Designer Toys

These new toys are ultra-addictive ! And we are not talking about the dose of sugar that designers like Ron English or Alex Pardee have in store for you, but many crushes that await you with these new designer toys; creativity and pop culture are in ! Ron English, as usual, is subversive with Honey Butt - Cereal Killer series new toy - but also with a reinterpretation of Darth Vader with Dark Star Grin. He is not the only one to talk about sugar, the publisher Dead Zebra does too with his two Kill Kat and King Kill Kat Matcha Snake Venom figures featuring one of the most famous sweets in the world. A return to childhood a bit scary which continues with the two versions of Candy Cornelius by artist Alex Pardee which will make you see candy from another angle.

But as the contrast in a collection is always interesting, we fall to dark side with two figurines released by Munky King. The first one ? SuperStar Destroyer by Bill McMullen to discover in black version and the second still darker : The Prisoner Vicodin (in XL version) by Luke Chueh. The artist's favorite bear seems quite depressed near his box of pills, all the more reason to find him a well-deserved place in your toys collections.

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