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Article: Mickadek - Ramzi Adek

Mickadek - Ramzi Adek

At the gallery area of ​​the store, sits in the middle: the Mickadek Black Legend. Impressive, breathtaking, only made of resin, the Mickadek of Ramzi Adek does not leave anyone indifferent.

But who is this artist? Inspired by the 80s and pop culture, Ramzi Adek today considers itself a pop-up artist. For a few years now, he has been a great success with his colorful and fluorescent canvases, he has multiplied exhibitions and projects and that across borders. Indeed, at the beginning of the year he achieved a very good performance in Miami for Caron perfumes.

After the web, make way for reality. Indeed, after more than a year of work, the artist gave life to the Mickadek, of a Height 140 cm and weighing no less than 20 kg. Its finishes are impeccable, the resin makes the object even more spectacular! Considered his alter ego on the web, Mickey Mouse is a recurring character in his work, he is inspired by humans as a whole. Image host

We can only invite you to discover your work even more in detail and go to the Galerie Artoyz space, to meet this famous Mickadek.

Find Ramzi Adek on his official site // Facebook / Twitter / Instagram Image host Image host Image host Image host Image host

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