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Article: Muttpop presents Breeks: the first geek magazine to build and share with the family

Muttpop presents Breeks: the first geek magazine to build and share with the family

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The publishing and production house Muttpop defends a project that Artoyz decided to support: Sheep, "The first geek magazine to build and share with the family".

After Life in Pink Kitty Let's move on to geeks, but not just any. Those who are parents today, those who grew up with this culture, those who wish above all to share this world with those around them, their family etc.

Breeks was born in the hands of Nicolas Forsans And Olivier Oltramare, two dads ... Geeks of course!

They started from the postulate that "yesterday's geeks are today's parents, their will was to highlight this culture but in the form of an educational tool, allowing both to transmit, to share And to vibrate with their children. Much more than a cultural object, Breeks then becomes a creator of a link between family members. With him, all generations are found and there is something for everyone: from the Geek news, of “braekolage” to create with the family, of “the eco breeks” to raise awareness among the youngest on the planet ... and many other unpublished content in the many “rubbers” of the magazine! "

Their goal is to make it a "geek" bimonthly family magazine which will meet these new needs, Breeks will be the media of information and sharing which targets "geek family", these yesterday geeks who have become parents.

And to give you an overview, there is a number 0 that you can consult here. Image host

Does this project interest you ? Do you too have a furiousness that this magazine was born? So support Muttpop thanks to the Ulule funding campaign which was launched at the beginning of the month.

In addition the counterparts are really enticing, for example for a donation "Omega Breeker" From 55 € you will receive: 5 badges + 1 Breeks t -shirt + your name credited in Breeks 1 + 3 Breek numbers paper + a meeting with the creators of the magazine + an exclusive collector: a mini super Breeks figurine produced by NACM!) . In short: don't think, go for it! Image host Image host

Supported by, Dad & Geek at a time, Techartgeek And Brickpirate, Muttpop also needs you!

>> The Ulule funding campaign <<

Find Muttpop on their site / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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