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Article: Monster Pusher by Thomas Han


Monster Pusher by Thomas Han

Monster Pusher Second wave of figurines designed by the California Thomas Han , the Pushers return in great shape with different variations and some details that mark the difference with the first (pirate and spirit) . This new pearly black version (500 pieces) has new drawings and a removable mask with a pair of eyes and a mysterious central slot, revealing a very new tonneous tronch with more pointed teeth than a tooth tiger. saber. Chaussse your glasses and you can see it on the pictures. The right, phosphorescent version is more difficult to obtain (150 pieces) and sold only at Munky King through a lottery. And at the bottom of the post, you will discover an animal pusher pusher version even more rare than the talent in the singers of the new star, since only 20 pieces will be available. The figurine always makes 6 inches if you had doubts when at the size of the pusher. Animal pusher

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