Bamboozoo by Peskimo

The month of May looks very very nice with the arrival of a new menagerie imagined by the English duo Peskimo. No less than 14 "regular" figurines and its lot of secrets for this colorful, sweet, cute and not headed. The characters have Zarbis shapes, the monsters are very collaborate but the worst is that it works. In line of the characters series at the Pete Fowler or Tado a certain childish atmosphere reigns on this attaching and reassuring zoo. Some will say that Kr pulls down that it is in quality or in target audience, so they are happy with developing the vector universe of young English young people in color and smile. If you are looking for more typical and very urban stuff, go your way, now if you want to drag the little news of the account that has on its bag a Hello Kitty keychain, you know what you have to do. Available at Artoyz around May 8th. To see a little better the mini monsters that do not even afraid, go: Bamboozoo Bamboozoo Bamboozoo
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