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Article: New York Toy Show - day 2


New York Toy Show - day 2

[caption id=“attachment 6507”align=“aligncenter”width=“604”]Arrive at the yawitz Center for the next day's toy show Arrive at the yawitz Center for the next day's toy show[/caption] So here is a second day at the New York Toyfair that ends at ensuring the endless paths of the Jarvits Center, to cross the heads to come out of appointment my very productive faith and others (finally another) which leaves you a little in doubt. But good sum all this second day has been very good and rather not bad for you reader especially if you like unicorns ... but you will understand lower. So today I make you a small revifs visited to the Toyfair, you are going to have in the Kidrobot disorder, good smile company, toynami, mischievous toys and as promised I went back on the funko stand the story to offer you a little more material! So in a bonus I wanted to visit the Lego stand but I did not have the right, I am a sign not a media so it's like we do not have the right to take pictures when we are a sign (who certainly does not sell Lego) but who sells stuff anyway then it's forbidden ... a badge color story. We start without delay by Kidrobot, about which I will have to explain two three things - it was my appointment full of doubts. Basically, they dubbed us as a distributor it is super but in return, we must no longer offer products for sale to the public on our site. Then everyone is saying Chelou, me first actually or maybe me alone. Finally the result is that we will not sell Kidrobot products. In the days that come all Kidrobot products will be removed from the public site and will no longer be reserved only professionals. We could debate long hours but I prefer to drag my doubts alone. Finally, while waiting here is an overview of the coming products at Kidrobot (which you will find at our resellers but not at home for those who do not follow): [Gallery Columns = "1" IDS = "6377,6378,6379,6378,6379,6380, 6381.6382, 6383,6386,6387,6388, 6389,6392,6393,6394,6395.6396,6397,6398,639,6400,6401 "] we continue with a very beautiful brand Japanese with whom we will start working to know Good Smile Company who has great seduces with her Nendoroid (we know it's not new here 10 years - but old biker that never like a friend) [Gallery Columns = " 1 "IDS =" 6402,6403,6404,640,6408,6409,6410,6411,6412,64,6416,6417,6418,6419,6420,6421,6422,6423,642424 "] We'll take a break with one of the most crazy stuff I could see in my life full of crazy toys. I met two sympathetic boys at Mischievous Toys who presented me really crazy products namely replicas of the different Cars of Mr Bat in 1/12 format. So very well tell me however beyond the fact that all this is done very well, you have the right to install an application on your moobile / tablet / trick with a big dirty screen most of the time and this application Allows you to see what your pretty car sees, to open the vehicle's cockpit to turn on the outer or inner lights, arms controls, to move a whole pile of flaps and other stuff and then of course to roll. The Bigou while emitting more or less beveling sound molds. No? ... pfff you are so blasé sometimes. Come on, I now show you: [Gallery Columns = "1" IDS = "6427,6426,6425"] In the genus Joujou dingo for the big ones we will go for a tour of the Toynami side and we will make you discover this new Completely crazy series named Acid Rain and also two three other nice trinkets: [Gallery Columns = "1" IDS = "6428,6429,6430,6431,6434,6437,6436,6437,6436,6437,6438,6439,6438,6439,6440, 6441,6442,6443,6444644447.6448.64449 "] Well and we will leave with as promised a review less anything from Stand of Funko - I warn you there for a moment: [Gallery Columns = "1" IDS = "6504,6503,6502,6501,6500,6499,6496,6497,6496,6495,6494,6493,6492, 6491,64,48,648,64,48,64,48,64,44,64,44,64,44,64,647,64,64,64,64,64,64,64,64,64,6464,6464646464.646463 6462,6461,6460,6456,6455,6454,6453,6452,6451,6450,6473,6450,6473,646,6473,646,6473,646,6473,646,64,6459 "] Save me that it was good and see you soon!

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