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Article: News from July 2004 to October 2004


News from July 2004 to October 2004

Arrival of Brothersfree The BrothersFree site of the trio of Toy Hong Kong designers specialized in large ultra -detailed and ultra -limited size toys is again construction but to make us wait there a temporary site with lots of photos on their latest work and exhibitions, as well as the incredible toys already released since this start of the year, from which here is the list: Bomb Color Version BJ Bowl (here in image the brothersfree version, there are 3 others) Tankhood Figure version and brothersfree version version Tankhood Storm Gray version Popeye Color Version More than ever : Brothersfree Good news ! THE toys Cités above will be available by September on the site! Lots of photos on the ARTOYZ Forum Unkle set: all photos 25 Superb Kubrick Pointman compose this incredible Futura Unkle Boxset produced in 500 copies by Medicom and which will finally be available on the market by the end of this summer 2004. Boxset Futura Unkle Incredible finish for these transparent kubricks all different and decked out Design characteristic of toys Unkle. These 25 transparent gems is added to the long list of UNKLE toys produced since the late 90s and visiting the Unkle 77 site We realize that each of the parts is essential and today perfectly not found. It's sad but it's like that, so if you want it that will have to fight and maybe think about selling your Google actions ... Update 24/08: All photos of the 25 toys composing this set are to be seen on the ARTOYZ Forum Essential magazine: TM Review both in English and Chinese entirely dedicated to Designer toys, the monthly Hong Kong TM (for toys Metropolis or Transculture Monthly) is essential if you are a faithful of the site where if you want to learn more about this movement and its actors. A plethora of photos, reports and interviews but also lots of very beautiful pages of comics/comics drawn by David Horvath, Run, Rolito and many other artists. 3 numbers are available to date: - N ° 0 (April-May 2004): cover and interview Brothersfree, Michael Lau, the Toycon Pluggin 'Hollywood ... - N ° 1 (June 2004): Cover “Old Guard” James Jarvis, Eric So, Sixs, Toy2r Qee Expo ... - N ° 2 (July 2004): Cover and story Eric so, James Jarvis interview, photo reports on Toyzworld and Toy2R exhibition Design A qee uk, taipei Toy Festival, The Dunny Show! Come and discover this very beautiful very complete magazine on the ARTOYZ Forum MEDICOM TOY Never stop! This Japanese company, created in 1996, is today one of the most respected and it has greatly contributed to the renewal of the toy kingdom with unpublished series and concepts: the Kubrick, Be@Rbrick, the 400% and 1000% Exclusive licenses (Lucas, Disney, etc.) made their fame. Today undisputed leader in a certain category of toys For adults, they reshaped their site to make it a superb window with lots of images everywhere. I see you coming, but shopping is exclusively reserved for our Japanese friends! Go Medicom! toys Update summer 2004: Spiderman 12 ' LUPIN 12 ' New Devilrobots 'Mickey Mania' Series 1 Mastermind 100% and 400% be@rbrick Warhol Cats 2 3 Star Wars Series 3 Kubricks Kaws Bendy Nike generation 2 toys Update fall 2004: Future Mickey Siver Kubrick Nightmare Before Chrismas Jack and his reindeer Daft Punk 12 '' And still many others to come .... Dalek Likes Toyz He succeeds Shepard Fairey and Coop, but that is the graffiti artist Dalek, who participated in the series of Qee Ox-op, will be entitled to his QEE 8INCHES. The original is pink and a special blue alternative version England will be born simultaneously. Dalek Also note that Dalek, who has already released a series of toys Space Monkeys bearing the image of its favorite characters, will soon be released in collaboration with Kidrobot the Space Monkeys 6 ''. Also Dalek, who seems to please the toys, has just released a Ciboys crossover series. More info on the Toyz Dalek at Toy2R and the photos on the ARTOYZ Forum. One More Time Daft Punk and MEDICOM TOY Prepare very beautiful things for 2005, indeed the Japanese firm presented on its site the prototypes of two superb 12 '' figurines (30cm) which represent the two members of the group in their robot outfits created during the album "Discovery". The first images of the duo saw us, the wait may be long ... Daft Punk In view of these images, the realization seems excellent, the masks very faithful to the huge and sumptuous original masks. The photos are visible on the ARTOYZ Forum, as well as other revelations for 2005, including the arrival of the Kubrick Daft Punk. The loop will be completed. Another thing that will absolutely have to have, I'm afraid ... Triiad vs be@rbrick After the 12 ’’ Triiad, the French firm collaborates again with Medicom for a Bearbrick Special, excluding trade, published in 1000 copies. 12 ’’ triad Bearbrick This Bearbrick will be offered in a Triiadtoy box which also contains a black Triiadbrick T-shirt (diversion and a nod to Medicom). Lots of photos and your reactions on the ARTOYZ Forum

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