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Article: Our selection for Black Friday 2022

Notre sélection pour le Black Friday 2022

Our selection for Black Friday 2022

Notice to all our readers, the long -awaited moment has finally arrived. It's now time for Black Friday ! Take advantage of discounts on many references, this is an opportunity to please and have fun! Of -20% at -50% On your favorite figurines, the question is what products
Are you going to crack?
Find our selection at darker prices than ever, as of today until Sunday, November 27 inclusive.

We start with the Japanese brand Nanoblock.


It offers construction games requiring great meticulousness during assembly. With bricks of an average of 5mm side, these are products that will delight the most patient among us!

Nanoblock -Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral (-20%)

Nanoblock - Deluxe pirate boat (-20%)

 Now let's move on to a completely different universe, that of the famous Peanuts.



We are talking about the best known of the Beagles which made its first appearance in 1950. With his master Charlie Brow, he finds himself in food many often very funny adventures!

UDF Peanuts Series 10 - Snoopy Astronaut (-25%)

  UDF Peanuts Series 12 - 50's Charlie Brown & Snoopy (-25%)

It is now Mickey's turn to be presented, available in two colors in a resin version imagined by New York artist Daniel Arsham.

Hollow Mickey

After being adapted in sculpture by Daniel Arsham, it's Leblon Delienne's turn to take care of our favorite mouse!

Mickey Welcome

Head on a very cute universe with figurines often sold in "blind boxes". We find collections with Harry-Potter and Bob-l'Eponge, it is of course the famous Popmart manufacturer.


We are still on an adorable selection, featuring little angels with all pink cheeks. The question is how not to crack?

Sonny Angel

It is the turn of Mighty Jaxx and its hyper-detailed productions to end up in this list of the best end-of-year promotions! Between Sesame Street, DC Comics or Pinocchio, no licenses resist these creators.

Mighty Jaxx

Speaking of ultra-detailed figurines, we once again find Danil Yad who collaborated with Mighty Jaxx on a series of figurines representing the most influential creators and designers of recent years.
 Before concluding this selection with products signed Artoyz Originals, we have deemed it necessary to approach the subject of Medicom Toy And its very convinced beabricks.
Available in different sizes, the 400% and 1000% were selected.

 Bearbrick 400%


Bearbrick 1000%

Here we are at the end of this article, it is up to Artoyz productions to close the ball. With our label, we collaborate with artists from different backgrounds who wish to develop their collections. Whether with Mark Ryden, Stephane Levallois or Kavisnky, Artoyz offers figurines with various designs that are waiting for you!
We start with Stephane Levallois and her collection taking up the tales of our childhood, it is called "Story Killers".

Story Killers

 It is now the turn of Lucas Beaufort and its Gusgus to be honored. He is a very colorful character who conveys different values ​​such as travel, sharing and opening to others.


 Finally, we are proud to present our collaboration with the famous Kavinsky. Outings related to the design Of two of his albums, respectively named Reborn and Outrun, these figurines signed Alban Ficat are a 1/6 reproduction in vinyl of his iconic character.


And the surprises do not stop there because the shop
It is also the Black Friday!
The Artoyz team you wish a good Black Friday And hope you will find your happiness there.

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