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Article: Always ready for Halloween!

Prêts pour Halloween ?

Always ready for Halloween!

Pagan friends, your favorite party is back! If Halloween started from the Celts of Europe in the 8th century as a way of celebrating fall, it was once arrived in the United States with Irish and Scottish emigrants that she has grown.

Discover The photographs of the first American Halloween festivals with "Haunted Air", the magnificent book of chilling anonymous photos taken Between the end of the 19th century. and the 1950s. Attention ! The preface is from the master of the strange David Lynch Himself!

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Pumpkin then swept from the United States on the world in the form of lanterns, the "Jack-o’-Lantern" comduded to wander eternally in the dark between hell and paradise. Did you know that they are inspired by an ancient Irish legend?

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Then Halloween and All Saints' Day got closer in the spirits, and Halloween has also become the Day of Dead. Ghosts and skeletons then multiplied, to the delight of fans of Toys with Super7, Superplastic, Beast Wreck!


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So yes, Halloween is a secular celebration modernized by the Americans, but be careful! Halloween can also come from the future! The proof with the series “Crappy Halloween” 3D printed by the artist AK47 !


This 7.5 cm ogul printed in 3D and its faithful Hound wish you a "Shabby Halloween" ! In this Dystopian uchrony And Drôlatique, the young Ogul lives in a small town in America from the 1950s who could have been quiet with well mowed lawns, very clean and barbecue cars, but the United States was destroyed by the first Russian nuclear tests on August 29 1949, yes those who were originally to take place in Siberia!

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The night falls on Halloween and zombies are back, But not just any! Some are even part of the cream of the French Touch! Kavinsky returns from the dead with Artoyz Originals For you, with Reborn  His new album! :: 

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