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Article: People @ sdcc (here/audience/closer)


People @ sdcc (here/audience/closer)

At the SDCC it's very simple, you can't take a step without crossing an artist. Themselves fans and collectors, it is not uncommon to see them dragged on the stands of their colleagues to shop or cut the end of fat. Dedications to the shovel, tight timing and infernal tails, after these barriers the advantage is that they are more available and affordable than to any other time of the year. It's easy try to go to Shag for example tomorrow or Saturday for a dedication, you will see how it will receive you. History to put a head on a name here are some stolen photos of our "stars" while they "worked", but who are these mimines to? Hands Down It was those of Jeff Soto of course, you won! Jeff Soto Mark Ryden who dedicated a sublime portfolio Mark Ryden He said he made more than 2400 signatures, I don't know if he really counted, but poor Kozik must have the wrist a little sore: Kozik Who hides under the mask? ? Devilrobots Straight Outta Tokyo! Devilrobots Kathie Olivas All Smiles Kathie Olivas Brandt Peters, very concentrated, it was rather the visitors who had trouble concentrating with his shirt Brandt Peters One of the rare Frenchies to have made the trip: Skwak Skwak

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