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Article: Kid Robot // SDCC 2007 Report


Kid Robot // SDCC 2007 Report

Difficult not to speak of Kid Robot, omnipresence of the absence on their stand, which, like last year, consists of a large square table, a giant black Munny that can be decorated at leisure, a damn poor banner Kidrobot who clumsily hangs like .... hmmm ... no I'm going to refrain from doing it ... Here is how it goes: all day the stand is empty, deserted, the staff of Kid Robot watches over the grain and distributes some freebies; Then it is the moment of the sale of the excluded, and there it is the Tohu Bohu and immense tails are created around the stand where everyone begins to pray silently to obtain a copy of exclusivity. Thursday it was the day of the prerelease of Bent World Vandals By Mad, but hey you already know and in addition it is on sale at Artoyz since today. 3 others News were going to be revealed later: Friday : Devilrobots - Kid to fu (200 rooms) Kid to fu SATURDAY : Joe Ledbetter - Super Teeter (500 pieces) Super teeter Saturday afternoon : Kozik - 12 '' Smokey Monger (500 pieces) 12 ”Smokey

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