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Article: PIMP My Secret Base!


PIMP My Secret Base!

Secret Base is part of the category "Ed Wood" in Toy's world. That is, they make monsters inspired by Kaïju who: - Do not scare - are quite rare and unpredictable for all being collectors in less time than it takes to say. And strong of their sales technique OuaneugaineToday, they give us a series for the least original by the fact that it has to collect the All-Starz from the firm in Silver or Bling Bling for the connected young people you are. Secret Base Silver All-Starz UNTIL 2006 And 'Silvering' all the models that have made the mark what it is today (ie not shit), it is addressed, not only to the fans of their Obake Ghost or other Mummys but also to those who have never known what to buy from Secret Base, who have never had the click. There, SB sends them a clear and intelligible message: "Do you want a little bit of a little man (assuming they are addressed to the male part of collectors, but it could very well be the reverse)? And well buys the 'essence Even Secret Base and will frighten in front of your friends! " Secret Base Silver All-Starz UNTIL 2006 May this series please or please, we can only bow in front of a firm that itself tribute to the products that allow its employees to eat every day frightening little children in the courses of recess. Secret Base Silver All-Starz UNTIL 2006

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