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Article: Popmart and How2Work come out a series on art

Popmart et How2work sortent une série sur l'art

Popmart and How2Work come out a series on art

PopmartThis is a little specialist in the mini figurine at once superb finish and very accessible. A winning combo that gives rise to an impatience in the face of the next series that comes out is good for that The Serie The Monsters Art with Labubu In the main character is already in our must-have. The idea? Resume major works in the history of art but with the traits of Labubu, as funny as malicious, imagined by the artist Kasing Lung. Painting, sculpture, antique, classic or modern, this artistic series will teach you basics with humor!

So mythical David de Michelangelo (who has long been the cannon of male beauty) at Discobole (attributed to Myron), through the Degas dancerThe Monsters Art ventures in the centuries to tell us an artistic history as rich as surprising. Of course it works, mimicry must be present but not overwhelming, this is all the role of perfect Labubu in Van Gogh of 2020. But there is all the magic of this series, Labubu is also grown in famous women as enigmatic Mona Lisa de Leonardo da Vinci or the charismatic Girl in the Pearl of Johannes Vermeer. Also find Picasso, Botticelli, Tōshūsai Sharaku, Rodin, Manet, Magritte or Edvard Munch. Are you impatient? Do not panic,The Monsters Art of Popmart arrives very soon ...

Credits: Popmart

Source: Popmart Instagram

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