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Article: You can now pre-order on Artoyz !

Vous pouvez désormais précommander sur Artoyz !

You can now pre-order on Artoyz !

Like many, we find it advantage to pre-order, especially to avoid missing a piece that we really really want. Often requested, we decided to launch the pre-order on several toys from our catalog, such as the highly requested figurines of the French brand Leblon Delienne. It's therefore not surprising that you have recognized the famous Mickey and Minnie Welcome... But this time find your hapiness with a 60 cm resin version, available in 7 colors for Mickey and 5 for Minnie. A chance for Disney's lovers who would like to discover their heroes in a different way, it's also the bet of Leblon Delienne with a lot of artists.

As proof, these very beautiful figurines of Mickey and Minnie in black and taupe imagined by the interior designer Kelly Hoppen. We also owe her this very relaxed version of seated Mickey, available in several two-tone or monochrome tones with Mickey #TAKE 2. This is the art of pre-order elsewhere, it allows you to acquire a figure that's not made or that's not yet officially released. A kind of little privilege that will assure you a big smile on the day of the reception. This is why we ask you to be attentive to the deadline information that we note in our product sheets, indeed each publisher has its own delivery times. Don't hesitate to regularly consult the Preorder category in the News section to keep abreast of the new figurines available.

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