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Article: Portrait #26: Moshi!

Portrait #26: Moshi!

Hello ! This week we find Arnaud Aka Moshi who shares his passion for Toyz art with us! Thank you Arnaud :) 1/ When did you start collecting Toyz art? I think I discovered the community in 2008 and after some research on the internet, I quickly came across the site and the Artoyz forum, then a little later on the Alteroys forum, which I am currently trying to relaunch as best as possible by posting a maximum news. I quickly joined the world and the universe, visit the Artoyz store in Paris several times, attended some events and exhibitions and especially met many collectors with whom I am still more or less in contact today. In 2011, I was fortunate to work a whole summer with the Super 7 team in San Francisco, a period which marked the peak of my experience as a collector. True fanboy of the brand, it was for me a dream of discovering behind the scenes. In addition to working in the store, I attended with them at the San Diego Comic Con where I met a very large number of artists and collectors. In a few months, my collection tripled in volume and I brought back an entire toy suitcase in France ... 1/ When Did You Start To Collect Art toys? I think I Discoverrd the Movement in 2008 and after sometimes internet Research, I Quickly Found the Artoyz Message Board and A Bit Later, The Alteroys message Board, that I’m Currently Trying to get Back Up by Posting As Much News As I Can. Soon i was hooked to the toy Universe, I visit the Artoyz Store in Paris Several Time, waiting for various events and shows and put a bunch of collectors with Whom I Stayed in Touch All This Time. In Summer 2011, I HAD The Chance To Work With The Super 7 Team in San Francisco and this Period Marks the Apex of My Experience As A Collector. As a True Fanboy of the brand, it was for me a dream to discover what was behind the scenes. I World at the Store with them and also waited for San Diego Comic Con Where I Met a Lot of Artists and Collectors. In a Few Months, My Collection Grew A Lot and I Branged Back A Whole Suitcase Full of toys. khgqj9eg 2/ What is the first art toyz you bought? The first toys That I bought was a Dunny of the 3 series, the "Hello My Name is" by Huck Gee. I particularly liked the toys linked to artists from graffiti culture at the time, even if now my collection focuses exclusively on productions in Japanese soft vinyl and some be@rbrick by Medicom. I still have this first Dunny, somewhere in one of my windows! 2/ What’s the First Art Toyz You Bough? The First toy I Bough was a dunny from Series 3, The Hello My Name is one by Huck Gee. I used to love the toys That related to the graffiti culture but now, my collection is focused on japanese soft vinyl and on some be@rbricks by medicom. 3/ What is your top 3? Difficult to choose a top 3 in my collection! No "grails" or super hype artists at the kaws, the toys that for me we are most important are often associated with memories. In number 1: a squirm torque, by Super 7. Two toys Painted by Brian Flynn (artist and founder of Super 7) that he offered me during my stay among them. Brian is a person for whom I have a lot of respect, as much for his entrepreneurial career as for his person, and these two toys are for me a very important memory. I love this toy, and the octopuses in general, I have all the variants of colors and I regret that they have stopped leaving new ones! Yt7pgygg Number 2: Skullwalker bronze by Brian Flynn (again!). This toy blurs for me the border between the world of toy and that of art. A bronze production numbered in 30 copies, all round and gently. Difficult to appreciate it at its fair photo value but it is really a very beautiful object. xheothog Number 3: Smashface Walking Hedoran by Gargamel. This version is painted by Koji Harmon, alias CometDebris. Hedorah is one of my favorite Kaijus, and I love this version. A stupid air and a beautiful mixture of colors that works perfectly for my taste. RW5CWE8G Special mention: The Nosferatu de Futura. An exceptional artist and an imposing toy, which could serve as a definition of art toy. 3/ What’s Your Top 3? It is readyty hard to choose a top 3 in my collection! No “grails” or really hype artists like kaws, the toys that i like the most are often linked to memories. 1: a couple of squirm by super 7. These Two are handpainted by Brian Flynn (Artist and Founder of Super 7), he gifted them to me during my time with them. I have the utmost respect for brian as a person but also for his entrepreneurial spirit and these Two toys Are important memories for me. 2: Skullwalker by Brian Flynn bronze (Again!). I think this toy is blurring the boundaries between toys and art. It’s a bronze production, limited to 30 pieces and has a very round and soft shape. It’s readyty hard to fully learcate it with a picture, but it truly is a great work. 3: Smashface Walking Hedoran by Gargamel. This colorway is pained by koji harmon aka cometdebris. Hedorah is one of my favorite kaiju monster and i love this version. It has this dumb look and i think the different colors work really well together. 4/ What are the toys you would like to find? Orange squirm prototype: this toy is and will unfortunately remain the Grail of my collection. It is a shot test in a beautiful orange vinyl, produced in a unique copy by the famous Obitsu Japanese manufacturer. No other info, if it exists, it should probably always be somewhere in their archives! The only one I miss! wzhzlwi Kid Hunter by Bounty Hunter: for his pioneer status and for all that he represents in the world of designer toys. QJLHFFB Pushead cocococro: a tortured shape with a multitude of details. LCM8C6R Camo Zagoran/Hedoran by Gargamel: two shapes that I love, and the camouflage treatment with Gargamel always has a fly effect at home! QM9TPKRG 4/ What are the toys You'd like to find? Orange squirm prototype: This toy Will Forever Stay My Holy Grail. It is a test sweater in a beautiful orange vinyl. It probably was produced in a single unit by obitsu, the famous japanese toy Maker. No Additional information about it, if it exists, it is probably still SomeWhere in their archives. The Only One I’m Still Missing. Kid Hunter by Bounty Hunter: For Its Pioneer Status and For Everthing It Represents in the designer toy Universe. Cocococroc by Pushead: very complex shape with a lot of details. Camo Zagoran/Hedoran by Gargamel: Two Shapes I Love, and the Camo Colorways from Gargamel Are Always a Hit with me! Pygo5ddg 5/ Today, has your vision of Toyz art changed? I quickly detached myself from the big productions to go to series produced in small quantities by passionate people. I think this spirit is always very present, with regularly the launch of new artists or new toys. The financial aspect and the toys that fly away they have not changed, even if the actors are now as Asian. In the end my vision has changed a little in recent years, but passion is still there. I also regret that the French exchange forums between collectors are less and less active, but you can always join us on the Alteroys forum! 5/ Today has your vision of art toys Change? I quickly left behind most of the large productions to focus on small runs produced by passionate artists. I think this spirit is still very much alive, with plenty of new artists and new toys. The financial aspect of the game and the toys with crazy prices are still there, even if the actors are now mostly from Asia. In the end, my outlook hasn’t changed much those past years and the passion is still there. I do regret that the French message boards between collectors are less and less active, but feel free to join us on Altertoys! PRKFCFKG Retrouvez Moshi sur Instagram & Tumblr Vous pouvez nous suivre sur Twitter, sur Facebook et sur Instagram :)

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