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Article: Cuphead



Csytjzyukaafpk8 announced in 2014, this title is a very particular Run and Gun. Plunging us into a cartoon atmosphere of the 30s with fully hand-made illustrations, he puts us in the skin of Cuphead and Mugman, two small characters to whom the devil in person played a bad tower. The boss fighting alone or co-op will be in this aesthetically licked soft and technical gameplay.Cuphead Is planned for this year on PC and Xbox One! Cupapes is a Run and Gun Platform Indie Video Game by Canadian Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer Operating As Studio Mdhr, Drawn in The Style of 1930s Cartoons. As Cuphead, The Player Fights in Series of Bosses to Repay at Debt to The Devil. The Game Was Inspired by The Works of 1930s Cartoonists Such As Max Fleischer's Fleischer Studios and Sought to Keep The Works' Subversive and surrealist qualities.CupheadIS SCHEULED FOR RELEASE THIS YEAR ON Microsoft Windows and Xbox One! CAPHAD_XBOX_ONE_E3_2015_02 1434751797-logo You can follow uson Twitteron FacebookandOn Instagram :)

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