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Article: Portrait #4: Clémence

Portrait #4: Clémence

A new portrait here with blogger Girlbutgeek from the blog Pixandmix. But remember, you can also participate!

Clémence, when did you start collecting artysz?

This was to be in 2005 (Sh*t, almost 10 years!). I discovered the ARTOYZ thanks to a gift from my boyfriend from the time. I immediately hung with the pop appearance of some of the pieces and this is where I started to buy some in blind boxes, probably to find some excitement. I love trying to guess the design which is in the box by touching it through the paper. It's a bit like a ritual :)

What is the first Artoyz you bought?

Strangelyly, I don't remember the first Artoyz that I gave myself. On the other hand, I remember extremely well of that offered by my friend then, my first piece: the "Bubble is Love" Dunny de Tilt in white version. I continue to expose it to me and I preciously keep the packaging. She was a little yellowed and even if she takes value over time, I could never part with it.


What is your top 3?

After reflection, I would first say the "Empress of the Underworld Hello Kitty" by Frank Kozik, the fruit of a partnership between Kidrobot and Sanrio. My work being near the rue de l'Arbre dry, I had the opportunity to drool over it several times a week for several weeks before giving in a good day.


Then I think of my collection of unicorno unicorns by Tokidoki. I love these pieces that form a super kawaii army and I can't wait to complete it gradually over the years, because it is far from complete.


Finally, the Fafi Girls. This is probably my best find. I disgusted them on my trip to Tokyo last year at the bottom of a tank in a manga/animated products store. The full set even came with a sticker for each girl. I paid it for less than € 2 (set!). Suffice to say that in my eyes, I did the trick of the century.


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