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Article: What to do this weekend ?


What to do this weekend ?

Oh the three-day weekend you see it here good as it is necessary (for others it's not bad too a weekend of two days)? With this beautiful sun and its temperatures finally seasonal ... yes we can do the dance of joy!

Go out and we enjoy, Artoyz thought of you, since you have selected some exhibitions, key events of this weekend. So what to start? JR at the Pantheon (Paris)

If you have not already done so, direction the Pantheon to discover the work of the artist JR. He had the audacity and originality of posting more than 4000 portraits inside this sacred building as well as on his dome. His goal: to bring people Lambda into the Pantheon, the mission is more than successful. Pretty impressive, to see absolutely! Image host Image host

Source: Facebook Jr / Discover JR's work on his official website The exhibition of Pharrel Williams: Girl (Paris, May 27 to June 25)

Our previous article You presented it, if the desire tells you direction this time the Perrotin gallery in order to discover (or rediscover) the exhibition Girl of Pharrel Williams, which you remind you, he is the commissioner.

Image host Motion Factory at Lyric Gaité (Paris, 24 April 10 August 2014)

Otherwise you can spin at the lyrical gaiety and let yourself be carried away in the world of cartoon with the Motion Factory. Halfway between the digital and the Do It Yourself, it is impossible not to be invaded by this fascinating world, where digital craftsmanship is growing. Everything will be explained, from the sketch, and you will have the chance to meet the fifteen directors who have agreed to share their sketches, models, decorations etc. just for the exhibition.

More information on the website of LYRIC GAOURY Royal luxury (Nantes, 6 to 9 June)

And since Paris is not the center of the world, let's go to Nantes with the royal luxury company. Their new show entitled "The Plank Wall" will stage a new character: Granny. This beautiful family of giants with extraordinary history delights the big ones as the little ones. An extraordinary and amazing show where magic and wonder are the masters-words. If you are in the corner, do not miss this appointment for any pretext! Image host Image host

Source: Official website Royal luxury Asphalt charleroi (Charleroi, May 3 to October 26, 2014)

And direction at our friends the Belgians for the Charleroi Biennial of Urban Art. What could we see? From mural paint, sculpture, music ... and all this in the streets of Charleroi. And considering the list of artists who participated in the event, it may be promising ...

Image host

More information on the site Asphalt charleroi

And we end in beauty this week with the birthday of the famous game Tetris who celebrates his ... 30 years old today! We leave you with this sweet music, terribly struggling (do not tell us thanks).

Good weekend to all !

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