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Kazimo Notwithstanding the fact that most of their products are intended for the Asian market, it is always good to make a regular point with our friends from Red Magic to find out what are the current projects and the upcoming series. To the chagrin of some, and for the greatest happiness of others, the Ciboy Always have the rating and they continue to deepen the furrow by increasingly working with artists for completely gourmet series of accessories and colorful replay. With a thorough Sino-Argentine connection by a new series drawn by the DGPH, a certain Patricio Oliver also made a series of chip with some static vehicles. In addition to the many series of Ciboys, some of which, and therefore perfectly not found elsewhere than the low, the new series of Sheep 4 in a Clear Seilted Spirit (Sparkling See-Through), discover a new series of mini figurines entitled Crazy Park (Intro photo) that should be available by the end of the year. After many photos, yes full. Crazy Park - Kazimo Series But what is it ? A Kidz animal band that has barely out of the womriagate belly, are taken for bacassab's mini Badboy. It wants to play the hard but it leaves not clear traces in the zlips, the flashdance choreography is hot when we barely know how to walk; some want to steal with a water gun but it's not the most effective Kazimo Kazimo Kazimo Kazimo Kazimo Kazimo Kazimo About fifteen characters make up this funny series and under their tabs a small stand that is fluo green that looks like a bottle cap. You will have noticed it, but they are all in brief. Patricio Oliver Cibots Invaders Cibots Argentine artist who offers us here his first series of Toys. Some designs are equipped with vehicles / mines in which they can slap. DGPH DARK SIDE OF THE MOLES CIBOYS Dark Side of the Moles Super cute series that takes up the spirit of the artworks they created for the exhibition at Artoyz Paris in May 2007. The King of Darkage - 6 inches King of Darkage A new 6-inch very proud inch that could have tapped it with centurions. Sheep Dream - Love Answer Series (Series 4) Sheep 4 Sheep 4 Sheep 4 Always very solicited by the public, the new series of sheep and well we see through. Twenty different colors or more. GOWEST SERIES SET OF 3 - Red Magic Shop Limited Go West Series One of the Cobranded projects that will remain forever about Asian territories. Coca Cola Travel Ciboys Series Travel Same, here with Coca-Cola


Toujours bonnes, les photos :wink:

No author March 28, 2022

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No author March 28, 2022

Ah j’adore les “SHEEP DREAM – Love Answer” !
J’en ai déjà acheté 3 :-)

No author March 28, 2022
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