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Article: Party Pictures Donuts


Party Pictures Donuts

Donuts A few days after the opening of the exhibition Party Donuts studio Delkographik In Rennes where part of the Artoyz team went to take a tour (namely Waterkids and myself), a small sweet ticket with some very friendly general atmosphere that reigned in this beautiful space. Very nice canvas printed with very pop creations on the common theme of the donuts, this sweet cake with a hole and a lot of icing, a beautiful plateau of guests and a beautiful rimambelle of donuts concocted with love by the team. Very affordable prices for these quality artworks, do not hesitate to contact them for more info. The exhibition lasts until early January, so if you are in the vicinity Have a ride. The photos after the hop: Crowd Donuts Donuts DONNNNNNTS GIRL DONUT doh nuts Real Donuts nuts donuts two notes Donut donut donuts Do do do do the child donuts Delko Donuts

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