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Article: SDCC 2006 Report / 3rd part


SDCC 2006 Report / 3rd part

Special K ... Kidrobot: At the same time the good, the brute and the ugly if we listen to the comments of the observers. The democratization of illustrative figurine and the advent of a certain type of stores made this company one of the examples in this area. We cannot deny the impact and the strike force of this, now, a great actor of Designer toy (or platform toy for the most annoying). But it is not to delight everyone, in fact, there is split between those who are disillusioned and who have returned from the Dunny and the other figurines out of course, and those who see them in them a lever to do Take off their career as a toyesigner and the way to learn and/or start a personal collection. We cannot therefore decently deny their existence (supremacy?) And their importance today in this relative little world. So what were they going to introduce us to the Comic Con? Well the wait and the question were inevitably rewarded, since the novelty of the 1st day was the pre -release of the Dunny Series 3. Admittedly, this is the major event of Kidrobot's summer, but it is not really a shattering novelty because the series was released ten days later. The next day a GID version of a Dunny Series 3 could not reasonably excite a handful of Dunny Addicts. The surprise of the over the next day, the Dunny Deph Bleu At 500 ex, with the pretty cap embroidered with 150 copies raised a little the level, but honestly we had the impression that we were caught with us. The last day had to be a little more exciting with the announcement of a novelty of Joe Ledbetter, but at the last moment the release was canceled, according to the corridors because the toy did not satisfy the artist or society. A big sword in the water, if we expect anything from this collaboration. Their very large stand only included 4 steles in which the excluded, and the rest of the stand was only a counter and a large corridor to queue for the dedications without disturbing the other stands. Yes, I don't make you say ... Only a "Giant Sized Munny Black" customized as the show progresses by the artists had a slight interest. Too bad because we have had the opportunity to see in the gentleman's return to school's back-to-school projects that would have deserved to appear in good place at home rather than creating buzz on ... not much ... Kidrobot has certainly installed a lifestyle and has one of the most loyal online communities, but will they succeed in renewing their creations and their productions without being discredited ... The future will tell us! Right in front of Kidrobot was a new one in the SDCC and the environment in general. We had heard of it for a few months, but without knowing who is that what or or or. Kaching Brands, since this is what it is about, therefore made its introduction to the market by putting all the odds on their side thanks to a stand worthy of the name, far from the picked stands that would make Melun's Sunday market pass For an example of organization. Two floors, quality windows, a DJ stand, a chill out space, tons of prototypes, a rather licked catalog, a staff always smiling and very complete. Yeah it's on, it's beautiful, it's imposing, it shines, but what is in it? The thing that could not be missed at home, unless you have a severe retinal lesion was these splendid Testujin 28 on different scales. We were told a 60 cm version, well except that one we could see a gigantic 36 inch version. God is beautiful! Among the artists collaborating with this Toylabel, note Mizna Wada, Colorblok, Tobyhk, Buffmonster, Mad, Sket, Joe Ledbetter, Tim Tsui and Arnie Kim. The first productions put up for sale during the SDCC had only a low interest: - Exclusive SDCC FLCL Canti, - Tobyhk Dumb Dummies + Tobyhk Figure and the Dogs Mini-Figs, - Mizna Lens Lollipop Girl and Hachoo Monkey But the quality is in any case there, beautiful vinyl figurines in large format and correct packaging at reasonable prices. Another DIY figurine/to customize with a cubic head entitled Wins And designée by Tobyhk aroused a little more excitement, and many used it for artists' dedications throughout the show. What else as Georges Clooney would say? Tas of stuff, difficult to see a guideline as the number of projects is important and the link between each seems very low or even non -existent. At the same time of related graffiti, very realistic 12 ’’ of American or Hong Kong actors, very cute but perfectly insignificant things, samurai, of the toys Origamius, or amazing and innovative things ... Let's try to make a first sorting, anyway we have only few info or outings so let's content ourselves with what we have. Before leaving, we had given images of a project stamped Motüg, and more particularly that ofEwok entitled Horselington, but we discovered something still interesting with the NYC Lase project that has no name yet. Beautiful sculpture, ventral effect Erick Scarecrow presented two figurines drawn from the graphic universe of Fat Albert with this character "Dumb Donald" here revised and corrected with body deformations. The style is old school, amateurs will be numerous. Let us change register with the appearance of Arnie Kim, Corén of his state, and especially one of the creators of figurines with the most respected Bruce Lee. Well, there are not hundreds, but still, the guy does a hell of a job and realism is disturbing for those we have seen (Bruce Lee in the death game). A must for all lovers of the little dragon ... The others will go their way. Tobyhk A charming boy from Hong Kong as his name can suggest, arrives with a few figurines very faithful to the Urban HK style, only that happens a little late? Many projects have been presented signed by the boy's hand nevertheless: HK FLCL CANTE, CANTE CAMOUFLAGE, TOBY SDCC Exclusive DUM DUMMIES Figure, The Dog Mini-Figs, and DIY Fourcube. Perhaps for those who have missed the Eric So ... train ... Nevertheless the above-mentioned Flcl Canti figurines are worth the detour; This intriguing character with a cathodic head, 4 versions were presented, 3 of which were available for sale, special mention for the Mad*L and the Black Camo. Hokoten Harajuku, either Japanese vinyls connected to the big Kawai eyes and arched legs ... Yeah ... We will go back for originality, even if we have to recognize the quality of the amazing finish. One of the projects that really attracted our attention the most is undoubtedly the 4 characters designed by TIEDE CAMERON, that we had seen in action many times thanks to customs of toy. His inimitable and very flowery style had immediately caught us, and the passage toy A omen of good, very good. 4 medium -sized figurines (about 12 cm, which contrasts to the rest which is much larger), colors that your eyes had forgotten. Very cool. We will quickly go to vinyl projects General Guan Yu of Teng wine, who are Chinese warriors from the Middle Ages, excellent, really different, perhaps a bit far from our graphic universes ... In any case the size and the level of detail is impressive. We bet that we have seen, in the catalog they gave us, illustrations of Koa, Skwak and Buff Monster, which may announce a future collaboration ...? To conclude on these two stands, we will appreciate the desire to do well and the significant investment of one, and the carelessness as well as the "resistant to laurels" of the other, without being completely convinced by Everything we could see at Jules as in Jim. To drink and eat in short. Eat Faritas and drink Mexican beer? Yes, ok we go back but it's the last time eh! And very quickly the rest .... SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC

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