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Article: SDCC 2006 Report / 4th part


SDCC 2006 Report / 4th part

I was walking by singing Ouh Lala looked at that did you see? I was not talking about Miss January 2003 of Playboy who proudly held a stand (well $ 5 for a pole with a bimbo, I prefer to buy underground fanzines, each his thing). For the record, we arrived at the end of the show only on Saturday, the 4th day that we walked the huge Center Convention. Well, it's not necessarily that you necessarily stayed in the comics of the comics at $ 1 but at least had to reach the wall opposite, almost 400m from the stand toy Tokyo. Yeah, we dragged a lot in toy Growers Inevitably, but also not bad among independent publishers in the living room, because it was perhaps there that one could appreciate the value and the incredible diversity of such an event. Because it is horny to be independent it seems ... But let's go back to our sheep, after having shot the portrait of the big forces involved (see part 2 and 3), let us try to return to Caesar what belongs to the others. Apart from the companies previously mentioned, it must be recognized that everyone finds their account perfectly, especially among fans who absolutely do not denigrate dragging for a long time among each other. The warm atmosphere and the affability of the Indés is very happy to see, too bad they did not make sandwiches or tatin pies, we would have stayed one more week. Raymond Choy de Toy2R had some small problems at start -up. Indeed, already he did not have a dedicated stand, because only American companies have the right to have a stand, so he had to have recourse to the patronage of a very small US company whose we forgot both the Name and the products offered ... my apologies to them ... On the other hand, his exclusive figurines only arrived on the 3rd day, which compromised the dedications scheduled for the first two days ... Nevertheless once the customs had released the critters, the stand had a better look, and vibrated to the rhythm of the Egg Baseman, Egg Soto, Toxic Bear Rose or Alphonzo Gid. The indisputable little extra, it was the availability of Baby Qee DIY. Undoubtedly the toy Perfect to have customized during dedications. We quickly understood that these little sweets were going to flower from the start of the school year all over the world. The stand was for us the opportunity to meet Jeff Soto, who, in addition to being very nice, was also very available and not stingy in pretty drawings on our sketchbooks. The announcement effect upstream of the excluded had cut the surprise effect a bit, but the fans found their account perfectly. Right next to Toy2r appeared the stand UNKLBRAND Who presented their new and old projects, including a future collaboration with Koh Yokoyama (the creator of Maschinen Krieger) who promises to be very promising. We could see the new Tinpo series and also some interesting things in terms of toys. The effort was nevertheless on the rest of the productions: tees, serigraphs, paintings. An effective way to see the creative capacities of graphic designers. You be the judge. Opposite were the stands of Funko (the Wacky Wobbler and Company not fascinating us more than that we did not particularly dug, but the vigorouss who held the stand were quite festive), of Circus Punks, but also that of Rocketworld, the creators of IWG. With a very military stand, they allowed us to appreciate the new Sasquatch planned for a few weeks. Two versions: Brown and White, very friendly. They also presented the IWG rocket to us, which will allow them to travel beyond the clouds very soon. Let's continue our overview: Tower Records, which represents the toydesign by regularly producing excluded, had chosen to take a fairly large stand especially to highlight their own name. However, you could buy almost all the figurines stamped TR that they have released so far ... Nothing crazy to report. The creators of Mimobot, customized USB keys, also had a cute little stand where we could appreciate all their outings and the News Coming from including a collaboration with Devilrobots. Dke toys It is none other than the distributor of a whole bunch of toylabels, which is why these two huge windows were filled to the brim with all types of figurines and tortures. It is especially at home that we could get the Cheshire Cat black or orange version, or the version Sweet and Sour from El Panda. Several dozen figurines of American societies were included in his Displays, it would be tedious to list everything, but let's say that there was really something to do. Fun to also see one of the characters of the pirates of the Caribes designé by shag ... Several other stores had made the trip, not to sell directly, but rather to present their productions and collaborations. This is how we were able to connect with the very nice young people of Munky King which recently opened a second store on Melrose in L.A. We have known for a long time that Luke Chueh must take out the Possessed With them, but unfortunately he was still not available during the show. We were still able to admire a new black/golden version and we could acquire the small diablotins that twirl above the cat, so that Luke Chueh patients patiently and all in a very different way. It was on their stand that we were able to take full eyes with two customs of TIEDE CAMERON, including an incredible 16 inches that my eyes will remember for a long time. Last but not least, a really new project was presented to us and we were not disappointed. THE Pusher of Thomas Han Dores are already like a highly anticipated outing! Of a reasonable size, the faces seem interchangeable, but the first unpainted sculptures have enchanted us! Strongly the rest. 4 versions are being studied. The little webshop/manufacturer Android8 also represented. We remember that they had released the fantastic Sours of Brendan Monroe A little earlier in the year, and we were waiting for the release of a fourth version, the Orange, which was to be on sale during the SDCC. This was the case, but the disappointment was enormous when we saw the price of $ 200 announced for a figurine which only underwent a variation in color and which comes out twice at the price of the previous ones. Big disillusionment and many fans still discuss it on the forums ... We were able to see the figurine Rustboy From our eyes seen, and it is rather better than we imagined. Towards the end of the show, the stand could be decorated with a new, quite impressive prototype. This is a toy of Daniel Johnston, which is none other than the splendid frog which sits on the cover of its famous album HI HOW ARE YOU ?. There are many fans of Sir Daniel who would like to have this Crazy Frog on their Display. Another heavy goods vehicle in terms of shop it was Toytokyo, who, for the time being, felt like having moved all of their New York store as the products available for sale were numerous. Superb selection of toys US and Asians as you could decently imagine. The excluded bea@rbrick Scary Girl and Calli were available at home, and the artists from all walks of life came to dedicate to the chain. Another little surprise was the presence of Hiddy de Secret base And his team to present excluded and other Kaiju. A table and a showcase filled with monsters sorted in a good place in their space. Japanese class! Gama-go And Flopdoodle, the two companies of Tim Biskup stood back to back on two stands of identical size. Gama-go proposed the sumptuous Tigerlily for sale but also a nasty selection of t -shirts stamped from Yeti or many others illus. Flopdoodle offered the new ones toys of Tim Biskup including several Callus In the new colors, but also the cardboard calli, very superfluous, but also the different works of Biskup, an absolutely superb Calli sweater. They also proposed in the form of a lottery the Giant Pollards Hand Painted which are about twenty centimeters and that could be difficult to get. Without doubt the figurine that was the most dream ... and the most untouchable ... We will finish this overview tomorrow if you want .... SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC

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