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Article: SDCC 2006 Report / 5th and last game


SDCC 2006 Report / 5th and last game

Continuation and end of our Californian journey. Apart from shops and labels, you could also see artist stands in the middle of the circle of toy Growers. It is actually commonplace since self -propelled designers are legion in all the rest of the living room. Some toydesigners therefore came without a label with their own productions. Notably Frank Kozik, which is no longer to present his aura in the world of toy is palpable, you love or hate. Man with carcinogenic animals therefore brought back his latest productions and some small exclusives and offered a good package of toys finally. As we know, the (big) boy is ultraproductive and he is very available and really passionate. In his baskets you could find the Smorkin Labbit 10 inch Redrum bloody, but also the Classic SL10 Glow; Several versions of his Kaiju IKa Gilas : green and orange clear, pink clear (superb), chrome. Let's not forget Dr. Bomb Wermacht version, the bust Orange version was in Préco (impressive). The little extra that does everything is that Frank proposed in preview the first copies of Labbit. Labbit is simply a 5 -inch version smorkin, with 4 different accessories to have on the mouth (we could see a ice cream, mustaches, a lollipop in particular). Simply Beautiful! Certainly we can blame the exploitation of an idea to the end at Kozik, but as always, the project according to is even better. No doubt, this rabbit all that is cute and compact will find a taker quickly when it was released, scheduled at the start of the school year. Dez Einswell, whose talent we had been able to appreciate during Customs Shows, presented his first vinyl figurines on his stand, in the company of Slick who presented his Shaolin Monks figures to which we will come back a little later. Dez therefore, offered a very attractive figurine: Doodle Barn, a little character that we regularly see on his illustrations. The general aspect is very promising and a removable rubber coat will be available during the exit. A doodle can therefore hide another. There were two formats, one more slightly larger than the other, we bet that this figurine may be one of the best discoveries in the living room, we will of course be able to wait until the exit. Besides the figurines, we were able to drool on three pairs of sneakers which he drew and which are really worth the detour. Not far Max toy who hosted many kaiju crazy production Gargamel. They presented in particular the Zagaron Biskup version and its magnificent Header Card. Lots of other crazy and colorful monsters swarmed on this very friendly stand and naturally it was better to speak Japanese to start the conversation. Bwana Spoons From Portland - Oregon had laid down his luggage and tons of drawings, magazines, t -shirts for what was certainly the most messy but also the most interesting stand in the living room. Apart from the fact that he comes out in conjunction with super 7 a superb figurine entitled Steven the Bat, they have a shop called Grass Hut and a fanzine Pencil Fight. A very particular, unpublished, very fresh, very crazy universe. An energetic to follow very very closely. Can go make a pilgrimage to Oregon well, what time is it there? Tristan Eaton made a little room apart from the SDCC by offering its new figurine Your mumm, figurine stuffed with accessories of a matrone in pajamas, pregnant to the teeth and with a handmade by hand. The Black Version limited to 100 copies was put up for sale during an evening in a move or the DJ of Tha Dogg Pound was pushing the pancakes (DJ of Snoop Dogg). He also sold 50 Thundermutt Painted by hand that found refuge in fans during the Toytoyo dedication. Another New Yorker, Andrew Bell Rangered on the side of comic book publishers and all the Smala, frantically drawing and offering a good dose of very friendly t -shirts. Good slap that the giant zliks elsewhere. The other vinyl activity parallel to the SDCC came from Wheat Wheat. Persona not grata, or simple desire to be calm? The fact remains that the charming little local toyshop 5 and a Dime welcomed them during these 5 days, offering a barbecue and drinks permanently. Daily lotteries allowed the lucky ones to win rare wws figurines (including the Ice Cat and Ice Bunny ... Yes yes you read correctly). The sale of Andrew's ZLIKS was already good news and we were able to appreciate the very good hold of these figurines which will land with us incessantly ... A dozen protos were presented, some were familiar to us, others were painted versions of these protos and finally some unpublished: Dhall 1.0 by leon cam : New project by the artist Darkosurrealis de Leon who had worked on the first artworks of Tool and in the special effects of many films. Radically different from current vinyl production, a darker, more intriguing side. DARK SIDE OF THE toy ? Candy Killer and Doggone by Brian Taylor : Two fairly retro projects by Mr Taylor, Candy Killer always looks more than jovial and the sepia colors give this figurine an interesting appearance. We liked Doggone a lot for what could be the first coat rack of designer. Violet by Kathie Olivas : Sublime girl with a charming face, very faithful to Kathie's paintings. Without doubt the most exciting project from WWS. Dcto by Dacosta Bayley : a plump shape, a destabilizing look, variants of profuse colors. Difficult to know what is behind this figurine which seems inspired by a Japanese character. Pretty colors anyway. Really unprecedented figurine. The Phallic Mammary by Phallic Mammary : A toy at sexual connotation? Hmm is not the first ... Let's see that, a kind of character in the shape of worse with several udders who exceed in pink flesh tones ... It's up to you ... Other protos were presented: Sket One and his Buck Eye Rot, snips by Mad, Ink Slinger by Brandt Peters, Urbanites by Chris Lee, Dolly by Medfed. What about the Ringo Bear then? Well not there no .... probably never ... sniff ... But hey let's not be sad, we saw a lot during these five days. We were able to taste the Californian fever without being sick (although, I still had trouble digesting this guacamole), we were able to fill up with excluded and feast with the actors. The path was long, just like this report, and in the end we would better like that next year the Comic Con de San Diego emigrates Porte de Versailles, that would make us less time difference in the face ... SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC SDCC

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