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Article: Bigshot Toyworks // SDCC 2007 Report


Bigshot Toyworks // SDCC 2007 Report

Bigshot Toyworks is a micro company led by Klim K. which presented a good package of prototypes at the Toyqube stand. We remember this Toycom especially for bringing us the famous New York trains Tag the System to customize. While an imminent arrival of a new batch of trains to be customized (watch the shop in the coming weeks), Klim proudly exhibited a good line of projects with prestigious artists from the world of illustration and comics. Many were still at the prototype stage, but the beginnings are super encouraging. Tag the System Ashley Wood - Pipebot (16 inches!) Ashley Wood Ashley Wood Nathan JEurevicius - MTV FAUNA Kaiju Project MTV Fauna by Nathan Jurevicius Gary Taxali - Oh no (in collaboration with chump Toys) Gary Taxali Flap - Vs. You Flatau - vs. you Mike Burnett - Neighborwood toy Mike Burnett Glenn Barr - Coco Cruiser Glenn Barr Brian Taylor - Moreh coney Brian Taylor

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